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Does my teacher think i'm depressed? What do teachers see as a depressed student?

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Asked at 2009.12.22 02:44:59
My maths teacher always acts kind of weird round me. I don't really talk to the people at my table in maths because their really imature so I sort of just sit there and to my work. She always randomly asks me if i'm ok and when I answer the occasional question she obviously tries to make me feel good about myself even though I know the answers wrong. She asked me to stay behind after class the other day because she "didn't get to check my work" . I'm like "oh no thats ok you can just do it tomorrow" and shes like " no stay" ( or something like that.) She then asked me why I was staring out the window (when I she was suposedly marking my work). And then asked me why I was always so nervous and i'm like "oh i'm worried about missing my bus" and shes like "no its all the time" Is this weird or am I looking to much into things? She also always smiles at me like i'm death and tries to strike up a conversations with me. So teachers, what do you see as a depressed student?
answer Sethe  Answered at 2009.12.22 02:44:59
Teachers think that all students must interact with each other. No interaction means SOMETHING'S WRONG!!! ...

If you want, you can try to talk to her and explain things...

I had a friend with the same issue. The teacher thought she had low self-esteem or something, which we both found funny. (It may have something to do with the cat scratches on her wrist XD)
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