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The No Child Left Behind Act - Is it helping or hurting our schools?

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Asked at 2009.12.22 00:56:13
This act was passed in the House of Representatives on May 23rd, 2001. Its aim was to improve the performance of U.S. schools by increasing standards.

Do you think it is helping our schools to better educate its students? Or do you think it is hurting our education system because it is causing teachers to narrow their curiculum by only teaching what is on the tests?
answer Lady J  Answered at 2009.12.22 00:56:13
On paper this is a beautiful piece of legislation. That's about the only good I can comment on.

No Child Left Behind limits teachers creativity and it also limits curriculum and learning. Children are being served a heaping dose of "cookie cutter politically correct" education.

Schools will stop all classes and for one month before the test have nothing but PASSA classes. Yes, that what it sounds like, one month of "Yes, Johnny when you have no idea what the answer will be mark "c". Stastically it is the correct answer 65% of the time". Personally, I think this is insane. Other subjects besides the tested curriculum, reading , writting, and math, are skirted and are never taught. History, Geography, Music, Art, (you get the idea) are completely avoided for a month. Wonder if this is why our children had no idea where the Middle East was till they had to. (APATHY).

I honestly, don't think it has helped educational systems , it has hindered them. Schools that were poor and needed help have no just been handed another burden to deal with. They have no funding for you take away what funding they have.

This is a horrible soap box issue.

So has it helped or hindered. It's hindered.

Just my thoughts
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