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Where in the US is there a institution that has a record of good care for mentally handicap young adults?

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Sweet Cupcake 
Asked at 2009.12.22 00:08:20
I need some places that any of you might know of that have a good standard of care for a 21 year old female that needs constant supervision and not just put in front of a tv or drugged.
Anywhere in the US would be a possibility.
Or if you have any websites I could check out.
I'm trying to do some research for a friend.
answer teresa m  Answered at 2009.12.22 00:08:20
Gee I wish I knew, my son is 18 and has sever down syndrome and cannot speak or take care of a lot of his own toiletries, I mean he can go to the bathroom by himself but the other stuff is a problem. He does not always get it cleaned up so well. I am afraid of abuse and with my health, I worry about what will happen to him. Who will take him? I used to think I would live for ever or with his health condition he may pass before me. He has primary pulmonary hypertension they told me he would not live to be five, he would never be potty trained and he would never talk and he would never walk. Well he talked for three years until he got autism and he was potty trained at two, but never learned the fine art wiping he walks slow but runs just fine I am amazed at the power of love. I do wonder though about where he can go where he will be safe when I pass that he can afford on his small social security money. Where he can still see family so they know he is safe. They all work.
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