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What are we teaching our children?

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Dot D 
Asked at 2009.12.21 22:35:44
I was wondering the other day...what is this society teaching our children? We tell them to go to school , to study to become successful , become doctors and engineers. That the key to success is education. Once you turn the TV on you see pictures and news from all the celebrities, what they were wearing what happened in their personal life, their drug abuse etc. I never heard someone on the news talking about the personal life of a SCIENTIST or who was dating NASA's best astronaut. This is a very big question for me that no one has been able to answer yet. What are we teaching our children? To study and be successful with their education? I am sure that is the case for most of us. How come all that is on TV is about celebrities and what they do and how they dress? why isn't the focus on what we are trying to tech our children? why isn't the media which is the most effective tool for children, encouraging them towards important REAL life as opposed to the celebrity life. I am sure we all wish for a life like that. But hearing a 12 year old girl's wish, saying that she wants to become like Paris Hilton is not only embarrassing, But also disappointing because that is something on TV that anyone could hardly ever be close to. Celebrity life style is not what we want our children to think about. We want them to think realistic and know that it is not on a regular basis that people become celebrities. Offcourse they should follow their dreams . But I personally think all these shows about the celebrities is giving the children false hopes and wrong ideas of how the life really is.
answer xoloveyou  Answered at 2009.12.21 22:35:44
Me being seventeen might have some insight into both views. Teens my age think they are completely invincible. There are NO morals and nobody cares.

Young people see thin stars and strive to achieve that body.
They see new clothes and feel they are outcasts if they don't have them.

EVERYTHING is about fitting in.

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