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A question about ART...? Please help even if you're not an artist!?

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lemon sherbet :) 
Asked at 2009.12.18 01:39:28
Got a few questions to ask you, for my art project:

1. What does your self identity mean to you?

2. Why do you present yourself physically and emotionally the way you do?

3. What do you prefer to dress yourself like, and why?
answer Belgian maiden  Answered at 2009.12.18 01:39:28
This is an interesting question in the "art" area! I wonder what you're after?
1. Self identity? I think you need to grow up and be strong to have this, but I feel I am getting very close to it now. I am not ashamed of what I look like (unless I haven't brushed up a bit, of course). I'm not ashamed of how I feel and think, because this has come with life experiences, and I am still open to hear from other's experiences and possibly change my view. I also feel that I am a good person within, caring, compassionate, but also wanting justice and equality and not afraid of saying what I think is right.
2. Presentation: I used to try and "fit in" even if I knew I couldn't match others because I was not glamorous / beautiful, and at times quite "podgy", but gradually I decided I was O.K. as I was, without trying to make myself something I wasn't. If I wanted to make myself up, it would be for myself, if I wanted to wear glamorous clothes, it would be for myself, not the people I would be meeting. Obviously I try to be presentable!
Emotionally, well, I call a spade a spade, and I do get annoyed with people who say things without having thought them through. My age, I suppose, allows me to be a bit more cantankerous, because I no longer feel I have to "fit in". Yeah!
3. Dress code? I like comfortable clothes, especially when I'm at home. Even at work I will wear something that is reasonably comfortable. I don't really like skirts if I have to wear tights, so winter months I tend to spend in trousers. I like wearing just trousers and a T-shirt or a decent blouse, and I am happy to spruce it up with a jacket or from time to time a nice skirt.

Does this do it for you? I hope it helps.
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