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Should I withdraw from 1 or 2 of my 5 classes?

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Asked at 2009.12.21 17:10:58
I'm attending Ivy Tech and did very bad my first Semester. I had 3 F's and 2 Withdraws. I had a job that got in the way.

This is now my 2nd semester and I am taking English 111 at 3 credit hours, American History at 3 credit hours, Ivy 101 at 1 credit hour, Math 044 at 3 credit hours, and Public Speaking at 3 credit hours.

I know I will be able to pass Ivy 101 with a A. I can pass Speech with a Low B or higher. Math 044 I am sure I can get a C or better, I might be able to pass American History with a C. I am not sure about History though. Though I am afraid I'm going to fail English 111.

The problem is I and on Financial Aid Probation which I have to have a certain Completion Rate thing for it.

I want to know if I should drop English 111. And maybe even American History.

I think I should be able to still get financial aid next semester if I only drop one class. Maybe two.

Do you think I will be safe dropping just one class? Which would be English? Sense I feel I am going to fail it.
answer Suddenly Human  Answered at 2009.12.21 17:10:58
Since you are on fin aid probation, you have to meet the terms of your probation before you can continue to get financial aid.

Simply put:
If you drop OR fail, you will not likely get any aid at all after this semester. This is a serious matter. You need to contact the financial aid office and very specifically tell them how many hours you are enrolled in, tell them you are on probation for failing and dropping classes, and find out what will happen if you drop a 3 hour course and also what will happen if you drop 2 three hour courses.

I will almost guarantee that if you drop even ONE or fail even ONE - you will not meet the terms of your probation and you will loose the ability to get any kind of aid in the future. This includes grants AND loans. Probation has a minimum overall GPA requirement (ASK THEM WHAT IT IS!) and minimum # of hours requirement. (ASK THEM WHAT IT IS!)

You may discover that even if you get all B's in every one of your current 15 hours you can't get your cumulative GPA up high enough to get aid next semester no matter what. All A's in all your courses may get you over the top to get aid, but if you drop any of them you will NOT fulfill the other requirements of NOT DROPPING COURSES - which is what put you on probation to begin with. (Your GPA is a 0.0 right now it sounds like. Figure out how to calculate GPA's and do a few scenerios.)

So.... unless you want to sit out of college until you save enough money to pay for a semester or two on your own, I'd suggest you study harder, hire a tutor, and start a study group for those classes you are struggling with.

THIS is how you keep your GPA up, not by dropping classes. You drop classes when you are in a horrible car accident and have broken every bone in your body and they won't let you out of the hospital. You don't drop classes because you are afraid you will fail.

When it comes time for you to find a job after college, future employers will see those W's on your transcript and frown.... it may even prevent you from getting an interview.
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