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Can I connect my Cable box to my DVD player to my Theater projector?

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Asked at 2009.12.21 00:28:28
I have Comcast Cable, Phillips HTS 6500 DVD home theaters system and a Toshiba TLP-XD2000 projector. The projector has an 8 pin contol, component video and s-video connectors. The DVD has HDMI out, Audio in (2 white and 2 red), Pr, Y, digital in, Pb, CVBS and s-video connectors
answer lostinthefrost2  Answered at 2009.12.21 00:28:28
you can do this, but there you wont get the best signals. Your best best is hook up anything HDMI you can. But if your projector only has component that is as far as you can go. I would look at the specs on your projector. If you can display 720p that's awesome.
1. take comcast HD box remote, turn box off, press menu button, this gets you to a hidden menu
2. find where it says 1080i and make it 720p. this will give you max resoltion that box can do. you can use component cables with this

With the Dvd, you are pretty much out of luck, you are going to have to hook it up component and it will not upconvert to 1080i hd video. If you can look out there somewhere and find a scaler or something with mulitple HDMI inputs and make sure that it wont lose any decent signals, get that.
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