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Need help with installing surround sound?? PLEASE HELP?

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Asked at 2009.12.21 00:25:12
hi, i have recently purchased a samsung HT-TZ215 5.1 home cinema. i have wired all the speakers in and there all in place no problem. i have played a dvd through it and it works fine. now i cant wire it up so i get surround sound through my tv. i have a two scart ext inputs on my tv. i have scarted my sky into one and the amp with the surround sound in the other. now my sky doesn't work at all, no sound or video and the surround sound isnt playing anything either. is this because it doesn't work with my tv or am i doing something wrong.
answer Texperson  Answered at 2009.12.21 00:25:12
I think, as the previous poster said, all you need to do is run an optical cable directly from your cable box into the receiver of your sound system, bypass the tv. You should not plug the sound system into the tv at all, if you are doing that.

For best pic and sound you should attach all your video cables, HDMI or r/g/b component into your tv.

Then all you sound cables, optical or digital coax, straight into your receiver.

Turn off your tv's sound.

Change inputs on the tv and receiver as needed.
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