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Can a office projector be used as a movie projector at home?

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history nerd 
Asked at 2009.12.21 00:25:04
What is the requirement for a projector to be able to project video images from a DVD player?
answer agb90spruce  Answered at 2009.12.21 00:25:04
Simple answer, yes. All you REALLY need it to be able to connect a suitable source (e.g. DVD player).

That said, most "business projectors" are designed primarily for portability, brightness and connection to a laptop/computer for presentation of Powerpoint (or similar) presentations. They may or may not work well for video.

They are often mediocre performers with video simply because they often lack good video processors and/or have poor colour accuracy and have limited dynamic range / contrast.

For home theatre use you want a projector with 2000:1 (or better) contrast ratio. You also want colour accuracy at brightness levels of 400 lumens or more (overall brightness will not be an issue with most buisiness projectors (many are rated at 1500+ lumens), but whether this is still true when properly calibrated isn't so sure (brightness is much lower with accurate colour). Furthermore, you want a quiet cooling fan in an HT ... and many business projectors have noisy fans (>30 dB).

But there are business projectors that work well in an HT environment (I use a Canon SX-60, which is a business class projector, as an HT projector) ... and until you get more sophisticated ANY projector will look good ... but many are, as I said, mediocre at best.

You want to be sure it can be connected to a DVD player (Blu-ray player IF it is an HD (native 720p or 1080p) projector), cable or satellite receiver, game box, etc. It's almost always possible to connect via component cables (even if only via a component to VGA adapter cable) but you want to make sure to have any chance of a quality image (composite or S-video will be possible, but the image will be poor). DVI or HDMI connectivity would be a bonus.
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