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Bus card machine what works?

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jessie lake 
Asked at 2011.06.13 01:51:26
Bus card machine what works?
answer Joanna wood  Answered at 2011.06.13 01:51:26
Called the non-contact IC card (or radio frequency card), card reader using an alternating magnetic field in the form of launch IC card to provide energy, IC card has received an alternating magnetic field induction coil of energy (electromagnetic induction transformer principle) and make feedback signal to the reader receives the data read out card information. IC card with the traditional use of the biggest advantage is when you do not need to contact, reduce the number of contact problems, and high reliability. As for the technology, please search for: non-contact IC card or RFID technology to know. Information: Bus IC card (IntegratedCircuitCard, IC card) is a non-contact. As long as the IC card within a certain distance from the reader, card reader can read the data card, IC card chip without the need to have physical contact with the reader. Introduction of non-contact IC card, also known as radio frequency card, successfully resolved the passive (no power supply card) and free access to this problem, the field of electronic devices is a major breakthrough. Mainly used for bus, ferry, subway automatic toll collection system, also used in access control, identity and e-wallet. ... ... Ic card principle: ic card, the basic principle is: RF IC card reader to send a fixed frequency electromagnetic waves, there is a IC card series co-oscillator circuit, the frequency and transmitting the same frequency reader, so that electromagnetic wave excitation, LC resonance circuit co-vibration, so that the capacitor has been charged; at the other end of the charge, then there is a single guide through the electronic pump, the capacitor charge storage capacitor to another When the accumulated charge reaches 2V, the capacitor can be used to provide power supply voltage for the other circuits, will send out a data card reader or receive data. Information is stored on the IC card, I have not seen a very clear statement, but I think the relevant information is stored in the IC card inside. In my opinion, the current IC card reader is not connected with the real-time data center, otherwise, the wireless network project is too big, so the information must be stored in the card.
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