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The doctor said my eyes are dry eyes, sleep up bloodshot eyes still very worried. What is the reason?

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joy Green 
Asked at 2011.06.13 01:32:22
The doctor said my eyes are dry eyes, sleep up bloodshot eyes still very worried. What is the reason?
answer Abraham Ford  Answered at 2011.06.13 01:32:22
The symptoms of dry eye Dry eye is quite common eye disease of the patient; refers to the eyes or the tear secretion is not enough to uneven distribution or excessive evaporation of tears, causing tears can not properly maintain the ocular surface caused by moisture. Dry eye symptoms include common Sese, easy fatigue, sleepiness, would be itching, foreign body sensation, pain, burning, tight eyelids heavy, thick secretions, fear of the wind, photophobia, very sensitive to outside stimuli, temporary blurred vision; sometimes too dry eyes, but the basic lack of stimulation of reflex tear tear secretion often caused tears of the symptoms; eyes will be more severe redness, swelling, congestion, horny, Popi while corneal epithelial adhesion filament or permanent damage will result in corneal and conjunctival lesions, and affect vision. Cause of dry eye syndrome (1) water liquid layer lacrimal gland tear secretion: The most common cause of dry eye; congenital absence of the lacrimal gland, lacrimal gland function to reduce the aging older, or some autoimmune diseases lacrimal gland inflammation, trauma, infection, self-discipline nervous system disorders, long-term point of some eye drops (such as some of the drugs the treatment of glaucoma) or taking certain medications (such as certain blood pressure drugs, tranquilizers??, etc.), will result in lack of tear secretion; As for the long-term wear contact lenses , because of reduced corneal sensitivity, and sometimes also affects the tear secretion. (2) inadequate secretion of oil layer: As the eyelid diseases of sebaceous gland dysfunction. (3) inadequate secretion of mucin layer: a lack of vitamin A, chronic conjunctivitis, pemphigoid, chemical burns and so on. (4), excessive tear evaporation, uneven distribution of the tear film: eyelid diseases, eyelid closure caused by poor blink less often (such as time to concentrate on driving, has been staring at the television, playing computer and reduce the blink), work long hours in air-conditioned room Strong winds or outdoor hot working environment. The treatment of dry eye in the treatment of dry eye mainly to alleviate the symptoms of dry eye, to avoid damage to the cornea, keeping the surface of the eye smooth and clear. (1) slight artificial tears, dry eye can point (with syrup, ointment, gel type; otherwise free of preservatives, wearing contact lenses may point the product), before going to bed point lubrication ointment, hot packs, massage is can stimulate tear secretion. (2) moderate dry eye, you can increase the number of artificial tears, wearing glasses, wind or moisture, reduce the indoor temperature, increase humidity and reduce the evaporation of tears; the canalicular embolization or ablation to block the reduction of tear of the exclusion also increase the tear volume. (3) or more severe dry eye treatment in addition to, and sometimes have to cover the eye or eyelid suture to impose in order to avoid eye damage caused by excessive dryness. (4) Another cause of dry eye should also find out the reasons, such as eyelid inflammation, vitamin A deficiency, conjunctivitis, conjunctival scarring, allergies, autoimmune diseases, so disease, active treatment. How to prevent dry eye syndrome (1) normal life style, sleep enough, do not stay up late; (2) balanced diet, not a partial eclipse; diet that includes vitamin A, C, E of vegetables and fruits, eat less fried foods; (3) adequate and appropriate rest your eyes, avoid prolonged use of eyes, fatigue, attention blink; (4) wash the attention of the eyelids and eyelashes clean, with hot towel compress to reduce fatigue and increase tear secretion; (5 ) Do not wear contact lenses too long time, there is discomfort that should be removed; (6) does not speak to any ophthalmologist eye treatment; do not buy their own medicine with a long point. Composition and function of tear surface layer of the normal tear layer of the eye, through the blink of an eye the movements of the uniform distribution, covering the cornea and conjunctiva, forming a lubricating protective film, and finally ruled out by the nasolacrimal duct; tear layer from the outside can be divided into three layers: (1) oil layer: secreted by the sebaceous glands of the eyelid, the outermost layer, the main function is to increase the surface tension of the tear film, delaying the evaporation of liquid water layer, lubricating the eyelids and ocular surface. (2) water liquid layer: secreted by the lacrimal gland, in the middle layer, accounting for the vast majority of the tear film, containing nutrients, vitamins and antibacterial substances; main function is to provide a clear surface of the eye lubricated, providing oxygen to the cornea, a bactericidal effect, and Clear metabolites of the function. (3) mucin layer: from the conjunctiva goblet cells secreted, in the most inner layer, the main role is and conjunctival epithelial cell contact, to make it into hydrophilic, causing tears in the water layer can be evenly distributed conjunctival surface. The composition of these three layers of tear secretion, or if there is a layer of uneven distribution can cause dry eye symptoms. Artificial tears are not a panacea? As the information industry to grow in recent years, people the opportunity to become more frequent use of computers, but also results in the time to concentrate on watching the computer screen increases, the number tends to reduce the blink of an eye, ocular surface evaporation rate was faster, more easily dry eye in patients with exacerbations . Of course, we often in recent years because of low humidity air-conditioning system, confined space, are easy to make the disease worse in patients with dry eye. Basically, the treatment of dry eye is artificial tears to replace the secretion of tears, there are many brands of artificial tears, no physician's prescription to buy also, so widely beloved. But the point of too many artificial tears harmful? People are concerned about the general topic. Ideal artificial tear first with slightly alkaline pH, will not cause irritation to the eyes, and secondly, stiffness, and health want to tear rather, it is best to slightly lower than the tension of the tears, In addition, to contain special polymers, only to maintain a certain type of tear film thickness and lubricating the eye, so that the water evenly distributed in the eye
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