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High speed automatic transmission cars will be linked to N block illegal fuel problem Well

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William Smith 
Asked at 2011.06.13 01:28:37
High speed automatic transmission cars will be linked to N block illegal fuel problem Well
answer joy Green  Answered at 2011.06.13 01:28:37
N files is not linked to fuel, but oil! Logically from the oil supply gap to you about sliding and sliding with the file the reasons for fuel-efficient. This first talk about it, this way was talking about oil supply from the engine, now running on the gasoline engine of social models, there are two main ways oil, old car carburetor fuel supply means, electronic fuel injection car way. Carburetor engine oil intake by way of low pressure formed when the combustion chamber for combustion of the fuel suction, the control method is the amount of oil hole, orifice size determines the absorption cross-section into the oil, by the throttle control air into the gas, air and fuel mixture into the combustion chamber acting, about what other idle, hard acceleration, full load supply and other auxiliary systems will not say. Electronically controlled fuel injection method, referred to as EFI, it is divided into single, multi-point, order a variety of ways, what he said here, the working principle of the carburetor fuel supply means it is completely different, it is by fuel injection nozzle to supply to the intake manifold, the nozzle from the current computer-controlled solenoid valve to control the injector opening time, it controls the fuel injection quantity, but also with the signal coming from each sensor engine fuel injection quantity correction to achieve precise control. To tell you the file and in the band gap in both cases, two supply modes approach. Carburetor, whether neutral, or with the file, as long as the gas through, there will be appropriate fuel into the engine combustion engine with a file is being pushed by the vehicle, the engine speed is not low, so even though the throttle closed , is limited to the amount of air entering, but the engine intake formed when a lot of low pressure, gas is still a lot to be inhaled, which is a lot of old cars with the file on the shooting of a fuel, because a lot of gasoline in the engine is not burning cleanly , into the exhaust pipe inside the combustion caused. But the gap is not the same, neutral is idle, certainly better than this fuel, so the carburetor is a fuel-efficient car gap, with the file is not fuel efficient. EFI engine, fuel supply gap is idle, with stalls, there are two situation, one is the vehicle at high speed when suddenly the computer to detect the throttle back to the place position with a speed, it states that glide into the zone file, In order to fuel economy, the computer will stop fuel injection, fully allow the car to push the engine is running against, the computer detected vehicle speed down to the specified value, the computer-controlled fuel injection fuel injector to maintain the engine running, during which you are filling it supply will be resumed immediately, this is the slide can be fuel efficient with a file argument is based. But the point is to show under normal circumstances, such as your driving speed is 60 km with the file you are sliding, then this feature does not start, because the speed is low, the engine fuel injection will cause the car stopped completely, and if recovery can not supply the brakes are affected, so the factory set speed is high, this usually does not fuel efficient at low speeds. So with EFI engine stalls taxi fuel-efficient high-speed, low profile slide with the slide is not neutral fuel.
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