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What is Active Suspension? Active Suspension What is the basic structure?

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William Smith 
Asked at 2011.06.13 00:29:26
What is Active Suspension? Active Suspension What is the basic structure?
answer Evan smith  Answered at 2011.06.13 00:29:26
1. Modern car suspension, there are two, one is driven suspension, the other is the active suspension. Slave Suspension is conventional suspension, by the spring, damper (damping cylinder), guides, etc., and its function is to dampen the impact of the road passed to the body, the attenuation caused by the impact load system vibration. Which springs mainly from the role of mitigation impact, shock absorber's main role is to decay vibration. Because of this suspension is driven by external forces and work, so called slave suspension. The active suspension control links installed in a device that can generate twitch, the use of a restraining force to force a way to curb road to face the impact of the body and the body tilting force. Because of this suspension to produce their own forces, so called active suspension. 2. Simply put, automotive suspension components, including elastic, shock absorber and force installation of three parts, respectively, dampening, damping, and the role of force transmission. Speaking from the car, and more elastic elements that spiral spring, only to withstand the vertical load, ease the body and inhibits the impact of uneven road surfaces, with a small footprint, quality, small, no lubrication advantages, but since they do not reduce friction and no vibration effect. Also refers to the hydraulic shock absorber shock absorber, and its function is to accelerate the decay of the vibration body, it is also the most sophisticated suspension system and the complex mechanical parts. Power transmission device is such that the frame of the upper and lower arm steel fork, steering knuckles and other components used to pass the longitudinal force, lateral force and torque, and to ensure that the wheels relative to the chassis has to determine the relative law of motion.
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