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China Merchants Bank issues credit card problem of traffic laws

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lisa green 
Asked at 2011.06.13 00:02:40
China Merchants Bank issues credit card problem of traffic laws
answer lily green  Answered at 2011.06.13 00:02:40
1, if you are in the final repayment of debts not paid off prior to the date (two cases): (1) pay off the minimum amount - your credibility will not be affected; the minimum amount of outside part of the cycle according to daily interest charges five ten thousandths of interest until you pay off that day. (2) do not even pay the minimum payment - your credibility will be greatly affected; minimum amount is not repaid according to a daily part of five percent charge late fees, minimum charge RMB10 million, or USD1 element; part other than the minimum amount, in accordance with the daily interest charge cycle five ten thousandths of interest. And if you often arrears, your credit will be affected. 2, the question on the credibility (1) credibility is no specific limit on the number, is a relative concept. (2) the credibility of the individual has a very important role. If the reputation is not good, will seriously affect your future life. For example buy a house, car, credit card limits and so on. Each person's reputation is saved in the unity of the State Information Center, your repayment of each direct impact on your future credit. If your payment is bad, then after the mortgage, car loan will be affected. For example, you want to do another bank's credit card, but your credibility is not good, the banks in the approval process can be found, not through the approval. Therefore we must cultivate the habit of repayment on time, at least the minimum amount should also, so that will not affect your comprehensive fiduciary limit.
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