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Gear lever of letters and numbers are mean (automatic transmission, manual transmission)

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jane b 
Asked at 2011.06.12 23:33:52
Gear lever of letters and numbers are mean (automatic transmission, manual transmission)
answer Anne ChurchillChu  Answered at 2011.06.12 23:33:52
The so-called automatic transmission, by definition is not the driver to manually shift the vehicle according to driving speed and traffic conditions automatically select the appropriate gear while driving. But why are so many automatic transmission it ~ Now first gear automatic transmission function of the various stalls and a brief introduction. New Honda Accord first case ~ new Accord's transmission has P, R, N, D, 3,2,1 a few stalls, P behalf of parking stalls, parking use (turn off the engine idle time and a longer time parking)! ~ R on behalf of reverse gear, this I believe I need not explain it! ~ N on behalf of gap, the gap, and a manual means for short-term parking to use! ~ D, said forward gear, the gear transmission in the next 1 to 5 files automatically based on speed and throttle switch case 3 is also a forward gear, the gear transmission in the next 1 to 3 speed automatic switching will not ascend 4,5 two steps. Very smooth in traffic when used as a constraint file to avoid 3 files and 4 files file between the situation of a jump! ~ (Specifically, how to avoid it is to do will be described below) 2 for 2 files, the file, the gearbox in 2 files on the slippery road to start, or the slow move forward as a constraint file to use, can be avoided 1 and 2 files and files between 2 and 3 jump file! ~ 1 is a file, this file, the transmission in first gear. This I do not explain it, you look at the situation with it:) other automatic transmission vehicles, there are stalls that may occur S file, L files (such as the Honda Fit, etc.) There's snow in the gearbox there is a keys (such as the Buick Sail, etc.), ODOFF keys and so on. S said the campaign mode (sport) in the stalls are free to shift under the gearbox, but the opportunity to shift the time delay, so that the engine at high speed to maintain a long time, so that the vehicle power increase. Obviously, this will of course result in increased fuel consumption. L said the low profile, it should be 1 and the new Accord is a meaning, when the stalls will remain in a file transmission and not upshift. Snowflake button for slippery roads mean start, press this key when the vehicle will not start from a file, starting from the 2 files to reduce the torque output to avoid starting the vehicle when the skid on slippery surfaces. ODOFF button that is the most high-end prohibition, have the keys of the vehicles are often not D3, because the press this key to the highest gear (4 speed gearbox) 4 file has been banned, the work is equivalent to D3. It should be noted that in some vehicles above the 2 gearbox which does not mean that a single 2 files, but 1 or 2 files (such as the Buick cars) when using this gear automatic gearbox will be between 1,2 switch, and not rise to the more upscale. Automated manual gearbox might not divided so many stalls, in addition to its P, R, N (these three files are automatic transmission cars must have a), the forward gears is a D file (such as the FAW Mazda 6) , the function of other stalls to manual mode can come true.
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