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~ How to do racing games to play without the handbrake drift? Issues driving skills

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mary ford 
Asked at 2011.06.12 23:12:28
~ How to do racing games to play without the handbrake drift? Issues driving skills
answer juicy lee  Answered at 2011.06.12 23:12:28
Drift (Drift) is in the engine speed and gear ratio changes in the case of small shift techniques. Compared to conventional steering in the corners to maintain speed and power, and will damage the tire. If the drift rate after a great loss, and downshift too, is a strategic mistake. Using the body's own moment of inertia, in the forward direction under constant change in the front of the point, and in this case accelerating out of bends. As I understand the argument and many of the game manual, the specific CAO for is this: outside of your entrance to comply with the normal principles of fluctuations in the steering wheel gently into the corners before, give the body a very small angle deviation. Then immediately loose throttle, brakes. This is the so-called "Fullbreak" (and so-called "Fulldeceleration" different, the former requires a step on the brake in the end, in an instant to provide maximum braking torque, but does not require significant slowdown; the latter is a step on the brake light into the heartland and adequate deceleration.), then to offset the resistance of the body center of gravity and wheels suffered moment of couple formation, the amount of pressure changes front and rear wheels to form a reverse couple moment. Pressure front, the rear wheel is relaxed. If the rear tire of the friction coefficient is not much larger than the front, in the body already has a horizontal angle of the premise (first played the steering wheel.), The vehicle will be similar to the previous round of the axis, the rear of the relative deviation from the front When the deviation to a certain point, immediately throttle to prevent stalling. This is the vehicle to regain momentum in the direction of movement turned to the front of the point (the beginning of the body is tilted.) Outside of the bend, follow the same principle out of the corners. Simply put: the outside of your entrance. Stability in the body before your entrance under the premise of a little turn loose to slam on the accelerator and brake short, the front will have to point the direction out of the corners immediately stepped on the accelerator, the bend line is still attention. Adjustment in the vehicle, can be seen from the stress analysis, to improve the efficiency of drift, the key is valid when the brake is the front can be more downforce. (Last year, my classmates and I calculated that, with reference to some books. This is my simplified mechanics calculation, the vehicle as a rigid body, and does not consider the tire slip angle, and ASM, TCS power distribution and other factors. But this should be universal applicable.) Therefore, we can make the following adjustments. 1: Increase the center of gravity, not only increasing the inertial moment of couple of couple arm, resulting in negative moment of couple also increased. The specific method is [B] increase in the length of suspension (unit is mm), and try to make the front of the high number (of course can not be higher than the rear, or greatly reduce the performance of linear motion). This approach is obviously to increase the airflow, and reduce the stability of the vehicle. 2: reduction of body center of gravity of the process under reduced pressure and increase the rate of change of pressure. Specific method is to increase the elasticity of the front wheel suspension device (unit is kg / mm, bought FullCustomize to suspension can be adjusted.) This body will be very sensitive to the ups and downs road, resulting in loss of power. 3: Increase the front wheel of the friction coefficient. Try to use softer front tires, rear than the front wheels do not let a lot of soft, or very difficult to drift, drift process in the body as not drag like a cow. In many cases, this approach is not possible, especially for front wheel drive car. 4: [B] increase in the front of the aerodynamic downforce. At the same time the front will increase the wind resistance. (GT3 there does not seem this one, SEGAGT in the affirmative.) Front-wheel drive vehicles for more effective to increase the acceleration performance, while increasing the wear of the front wheels so the front wheel must be hard on tires, because the big In most cases, is the front-wheel drive vehicles had front wheel hard, so this is a contradiction, their attention to trade-offs. 5: Reduce the rear aerodynamic downforce. Specific approach is to tail flat. Negative factors: rear-wheel drive vehicles for the significant reduction in the driving wheel grip, lack of high acceleration conditions. 6: turn off the ABS, to prevent the installation of a sudden brake. No case of sudden braking ABS would not be a great loss of speed. But the front will be under the same pressure. Otherwise the ABS will try to prevent the sliding, slow the vehicle while under the pressure reducing effect. To do so in the normal cornering is very dangerous. CAO for the proposed no confidence, then do not use. (Personally think that in high-speed sports O'clock ABS is not that great, the key is skill) Obviously, the above analysis, are beneficial Wandao performance of the state are not conducive to Zhidao's performance, which is two sides of things. Adjustment circuit in accordance with the specific situation is more or straight bend more, until how long, and high-speed or low speed vehicle is determined. Adjustment and also take into account when driving the vehicle drive. This is the decisive factor. In general, FR car easy to drift, the front suspension may be less appropriate adjustments; MR cars difficult, the normal cornering performance is very good. Try not to drift FF cars due to have said that. Drift in the potential for accidents and misuse CAO: 1: understeer (Understeer), the vehicle crashed into the outside corner. In this technique into the corners of which are often caused by incorrect timing. Of course, the first brake and then turn to the CAO for the error can cause this problem. Note that advance into the corners, familiar with the track. 2: Turn the transition (Oversteer), the vehicle crashed into the inside curve. In this technique, the shift may be two kinds of reasons for the transition: into the corners too early; out of the corners to accelerate time to delay. Note is not aimed at a bend in the direction of the front step on the gas, but slightly ahead of schedule.
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