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Will the driver's license from Jinan, Wuhan, how to complete the formalities

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rose zhou 
Asked at 2011.06.12 23:03:26
Will the driver's license from Jinan, Wuhan, how to complete the formalities
answer Tommy Fan  Answered at 2011.06.12 23:03:26
In fact, Wuhan and Jinan have to go through the appropriate procedures! Procedures for foreign driver's license into one, the people holding foreign driving license into the 1, holding the original identity document and a copy of ID card; 2 inch color photo of two recent hat; 3, fill out the "motor vehicle driver license table "(in the driver testing station adaptive physical examination); 4, the author of the original driver's license and file, for approval by the business leadership post, salesman unsealed file, the audit file data are complete, true and effective; 5, the line for the verification, the second interview road driving (Subject III) qualified for transfer procedures; 6, retained the original driver's license file in the "motor vehicle driving license application form" "motor vehicle driver's license registration list," "motor vehicle drivers to membership notice." Motor vehicle driving license transferred out and transferred to 1, due to changes in long-term residence or living in temporary accommodation more than a year, in the new place of residence or temporary residence to apply for a new driver's license is required for the original driver's license issuing authority roll-out procedures, and shall driver's license validity period and the certification process. At the same time perform the following procedures: (1) complete an application form; (2) inspection certificate or temporary migration accounts for over one year temporary residence permit of; (3) inspection driver's license; 2, driver's license for a vehicle roll-out procedures management, the audit of the project agreed to transfer the registration, and driver's license should be issued notices to membership, together with the required driver's license registration information be loaded to win the title, carried by the applicant's place of residence to the new vehicle management . Transferred out of the driver's license permit shall be affixed to a deputy, "turn out" the words of the seal, switch out the driver's license is not accepted into the ground is still before the roll-out management. 3, the driver's license into the new place of residence or temporary driver's license renewal shall be transferred within one month to apply for, and shall perform the following procedures: (1) fill out the "motor vehicle driving license application form"; (2 ) produce for examination ID card; (3) a temporary stay should be temporary inspection of more than one year temporary residence permit; (4) submitted by the management of vehicles transferred to sealed bags of the information required; (5) cross back to the driver's license; (6) to undergo a medical examination; (7) to the I 2 photos. 4, one of the following circumstances shall not be transferred for motor vehicle driving license: (1) violation, accident concluded untreated; (2) in the suspension of his driver's license period; (3) is of the driving license training ; (4) holders of learner drivers license; (5) Zengjia study period. If really necessary for, the application for cancellation of my permit after learning Zengjia models to be handled. Transfer, including motor vehicle driving license into and out of the two links. The first step, from the original issuing authority for transfer out, transfer to temporary residence permits to provide (account transfer, and provide account migration card) and driver's license and other procedures must also be within the validity period for the license; the second step, transferred Vehicle Administration agreed to transfer out, driver's license issued notices to membership, driver's license registration data (sealed) together into the ground by the applicant transferred to the Vehicle Administration; the third step, apply to transfer into the ground Vehicle Administration , to provide identity cards, temporary residence permits (one year), transferred to the information provided by Vehicle Administration (sealed), and photographs. Apply to transfer to the roll-out within one month for processing. Such as driver's license suspension of some special circumstances, the Transfer shall not apply. Comrade Che Kwun reminder, driver's license is a nationwide general, if no special needs, do not transfer procedure. Examined only after the expiration of the license in time for testing can be returned to his country. Is simply take your temporary residence permit in Wuhan, Jinan, ID card, driver's license to Wuhan Vehicle Administration to renew the membership business and provide the file. Jinan Vehicle Administration for back into the procedures (to be handled within one month after to mention)! If it does not worry go to Jinan Vehicle Administration to ask! Hello, I wish the best!
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