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I wanted to test driver's license, process, and what the steps are? What are the requirements.

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Constantine Dodge 
Asked at 2011.06.12 22:38:39
I wanted to test driver's license, process, and what the steps are? What are the requirements.
answer Abe Douglas  Answered at 2011.06.12 22:38:39
Driving test after the new regulations Raiders March 1, 2005 onwards, China's new "motor vehicle driver training syllabus" and the new "motor vehicle driver training materials" into effect. So what changes the new program? An increase of what? Test difficulty is not increased? Driving training costs is not to learn to drive prices are all family concerns. Magazine in an interview in Shanghai and several Driving Vehicle Administration, the readers answered their questions. Family to learn to drive in Shanghai and "catch a back set." February 25, 2005, the reporter saw at the Big Cypress Vehicle Administration registration to go public examination of the long lines of teams. According to Vehicle Administration to the staff, the number is almost 2 times than usual. "Go to the market" because of course the Ministry of Communications announced the latest development of the "motor vehicle driver training curriculum," the outline of this year, effective March 1. The most obvious change in the new outline of the training time is a direct result of that driving school may lead to increased training costs, so we rushed to rob on March 1 to enjoy the "old material." In fact, learn to drive enrollment Shanghai "boom" was in the last year, 10 months ago appeared. Originated in Shanghai, a new driving test rules: since October of last year, Shanghai will be the first increase in driving test "e-examination system Zhuangkao and night." Subsequently, the Shanghai again driving school training time from 30 to 60 hours. A series of test driving the introduction of new regulations, making the test to learn to drive the adoption of this family of increasing difficulty. The corresponding is the number of people learn to drive Shanghai has a relatively high annual rate of growth. According to statistics, Shanghai in 2001 to learn to drive the number of 13.04 million, 15.39 million in 2002 and 2003 was 19.7 million in 2004, the number reached 25 million people. Learn to drive by increasing the difficulty of gradually increasing for the new requirements, how will you respond? Driving test learn to drive change in mind the seven new regulations from the Shanghai Bureau of Transportation recently informed that the driving school in Shanghai to use the new materials will be in March, the middle of one after another delivery from Beijing to Shanghai. Material to the case under the new Shanghai, Shanghai, the formal implementation of the Driving time is estimated at the end of March or so. For Guang University vehicles are concerned, most concerned about teaching than outline exactly what kind of change? To this end, the reporter recently interviewed the person in charge of Shanghai Bureau of Transportation, the new "People's Republic of motor vehicle driver training education framework" mainly in the following seven areas of change. Change one: It is understood that longer hours of driving training, the new outline of the hours are extended by different models, of which, C Outline class hours required from the old 58 hours 86 hours longer, a total of more than 20 hours extended . This program also provides the theoretical training time for each student not more than 6 hours per day, hands-on training time, not more than 2 time a day. Those who learn to drive in Shanghai, the new regulations outline the time but has been shortened. Land Management Office of Shanghai Bureau of Transportation Management Division is responsible for industry training who told reporters that the British wave, the new program, students learn C1 small car 86 hours, including the previous 32 hours of single hours. After implementation of the new program, the training time is actually driving only 54 small, and the training of drivers in Shanghai for 60 hours. British wave Driving so that the price is unreasonable. In comparison, if the implementation of the new outline, slightly less driving Shihai Training, and will not lead to increased training costs. Meanwhile, theoretical training is now responsible for most of the test sites, the future may be responsible for the driving school, 160 yuan will be the driving school theoretical training costs of new revenue. Therefore, there is no basis for Driving prices. Change two: learn to drive to hire new syllabus and teaching materials with the opening of "time" system training will be comprehensive nationwide promotion. Based on the outline of the requirements, students learn application C1, C2 of the 86 hours to learn enough, C3, C4 of the 60 hours to learn enough. "Time" system to promote the training methods will also lead to major changes in tuition, after a one-time paid all tuition fees to learn to drive future students the time and according to their mastery of driving skills, sub-units of each of several hours of Goumai price will be the discretion of each driving school, their pricing schemes will be around the price department. "End of first intercourse before fees, in fact, spend money to buy the equivalent of a 'exam qualifications', and with the school system with guaranteed hours to buy the interests of students, each class hours will greatly enhance the gold." Change Three: Implementation Driving simulation teaching It is understood that the new framework draws on the advanced experience of developed countries, the implementation of "time" system of training and driving simulator teaching. Through the simulator snow, fog, rain, night and other environmental, participants in the simulation environment for learning skills. The current implementation of the simulation, the average teaching hours to 10 hours. Driving simulator simulation teaching through the new simulation environment for the driver in the driving experience in every detail, in the international operation in more handy, while effectively driving school to save fuel costs. Change IV: Outline of the contents of increase in driving often is the whole training process carried out theoretical and practical cross. Motor vehicle driver is the driver's basic common sense knowledge, but not before being seriously, new materials to increase the content of this part, but also increase the security of critical knowledge. Most of the old materials on traffic laws and traffic signs and markings, on the driving posture
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