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Auto and manual files automatically linked to files linked to what is the difference?

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lisa green 
Asked at 2011.06.12 22:32:59
Auto and manual files automatically linked to files linked to what is the difference?
answer Tommy Fan  Answered at 2011.06.12 22:32:59
Automatic transmission car is not riding the clutch plates, as long as the right foot after ignition, fuel or brake driving manual transmission cars can also ride the clutch, into the file, better coordination between the throttle, but also by the appropriate use of stall speed, only people and vehicles one, have a sense of driving a manual transmission or automatic transmission on selected issues, her friends are there doubts. Popular in terms of vehicle with manual transmission, automatic two, but also divided into manual transmission, automatic transmission, hand automatic transmission, manual / automatic transmission one, five hand-CVT automatic transmission (AMT) is between manual and between a new type of automatic transmission, and its manual transmission gear set and the same, the difference is through a special electronic machinery sector, with automatic oil from not only save a step on the clutch trouble, but also appreciate the manual transmission for stop the fun. Manual / automatic transmission is the one commonly used high-end car transmission, its design and automatic transmission gear is similar, but sideways to block the road block D wave, can be pushed back before pulling the gear automatic switch the driver can enjoy the opportunity to grasp the shifting sense of control. In addition, the new Audi A6L, Audi A4, Mondeo and other models also draws on F1 car design, the addition and subtraction block to set the steering wheel, driver more convenient operation. Continuously variable transmission, is different from the traditional gear transmission automatic transmission automatic transmission, which through two variable diameter pulleys to change the gears ratio, within a certain range, speed ratio gradually changed to avoid the gear shift gear ratio is different from frustrated when the sense of convergence, the driver feel more smooth. Such as the Audi Multitronic, Honda's CVT, Fiat Speedgear and so on. Selection mainly depends on its precise manual transmission level, there are two steps can be a simple test. The first step, get in the car, engaged the clutch and shift lever toggle experience the gear is clear, whether the trip short and precise Guadang altogether; the second step, start the car, the feeling in the moving process, the severity level of the clutch , travel the length and level of oil from the point of integration, whether their own habits, and see whether the process of the vehicle shift smoothly. Buy a car for the first time a friend recommended to choose automatic. The reason is simple, the proposed automatic selection. The reason is simple, buy a car map is convenient, comfortable and peace of mind, in the crowded city roads frequent shift, from time to time have to slope, which for most people, really not an easy thing. However, the specific choice and use of automatic process, there are indeed a lot of knowledge. Automatic transmission is the most direct power transmission and effective criteria, the impact of a sense of small, smooth, the best feel Shengdang dynamic changes. Power output of an ordinary automatic models depends mainly on the throttle to adjust, if you want fuel, you can light throttle, the brakes less; if the pursuit of power, it is not impossible, through the deep presses on the accelerator, so keep the time shift The best engine speed, the acceleration can still get better results. If there is no regular replacement of oil will result in automatic transmission: Automatic transmission fluid changes produced by chemical impurities, resulting in obstruction of oil affect the shift function. Long-term high temperature operation, automatic transmission oil lubrication decreased, could easily lead to clutch wear, have a "stall" phenomenon. Driving automatic car maintenance knowledge, if accidentally released to the N gear shift lever, and you should immediately release the throttle until the engine speed down to idle after, and back into a forward gear. Only when the car completely stationary, can be put on P block, otherwise it will cause transmission damage. Ruoyu hanging in and out of P block, you must depress the brake pedal and press the lock button on the handle. Such a short time in case of traffic stop when the stop signal just depress the brake pedal, no need to change the shift lever into the N block, then the engine must be in the idling condition. Parking in the parking lot to the use of hand brake. When parking on slopes, you should tighten hand brake, and then linked into the P gear shift lever to prevent the lock body load is too large, making it easier to separate P block. Automatic transmission equipped vehicles can not drive cars with traction or method to start the engine, if the battery voltage drops, can not start the engine, can be used jumper cables to another car's battery start the engine. For security reasons, only in the shift lever in P or N when to start the engine block. Under normal circumstances need to be replaced once every two years, automatic transmission oil (the ATF), each traveling 40,000 km automatic transmission needs to be cleaned to maintain. More than 99% of automatic transmission failures are due to overheating, and automatic transmission oil replaced long-lost, there impurities caused. For automatic transmission maintenance, a reasonable replacement of automatic transmission oil is the key. Automatic transmission automatic transmission oil flow through the transmission of engine power. Automatic transmission oil itself has a smooth, clean, heat and so on, to prevent the automatic transmission internal parts wear, failure. Work within the automatic transmission, high temperature, mechanical occlusion of the precision of automatic transmission oil has a high quality and cleanliness requirements. If the automatic transmission oil aging, decay, will make the capacity of the internal transmission components wear down and shorten the life of automatic transmission; there is an automatic transmission in the sludge and impurities will directly affect the hydraulic and power system transmission of slow down or speed automatic transmission failure, or even to a gear failure.
answer 209.127.24.* Answered at 2021.11.24 07:41:12
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