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E2 is not a smart phone. What is the definition of smart phones?

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lily green 
Asked at 2011.06.10 00:52:28

answer Andrew Brown  Answered at 2011.06.10 00:52:28
What is the smart phones, said common point is a simple "1 +1 =" formula, "PDA + phone = smart phone." Broadly speaking, smart phones with phone calls in addition to function, but also most of the functionality with a PDA, in particular, personal information management, and wireless data communications based on the browser and email functions. Smart phones provide users with enough screen size and bandwidth, which is convenient to carry, but also for software and content service providers to run a big stage, can have a lot of value-added services, such as: stocks, news, weather, traffic, commodities, application downloads, music, picture downloads and more. Integration of 3C (Computer, Communication, Comsumer) smart phones will become the future direction of development of new mobile phone. Then the smart phone? Popular point to say that "Wenquxing + phone = smart phone", we will know a contrast, handheld computers and Wenquxing has great distinction, from the functional application for Pocket PC to have their own very distinct advantage . In fact, most smart phones and smart phones easy to distinguish the point is "whether with the operating system." Here let us look into a smart phone several conditions are necessary: 1, with all the features of ordinary mobile phones, capable of normal conversation, text messaging and other mobile phone applications. 2, with the ability to access the Internet, the need to support GSM or CDMA network under the GPRS network, or under the 3G CDMA 1X network. 3, with PDA features, including PIM (personal information management), calendar notes, task scheduling, multimedia applications, browse the Web. 4, with an open operating system, in this operating system platform, you can install more applications, so that the smart phone functions can be unlimited expansion. Since the phone only with only with the operating system called smart phones, that the type of operating system and which do? Since the birth of smart phones and handheld computer-related, then it will certainly be the operating system and Pocket PC related. Symbian and Windows CE, Palm, Linux is still the four camps, but with the PDA operating system Palm and Windows CE in the rivalry of two strong differences in the smart phone operating system, Symbian has grabbed the initiative, Sony Ericsson, Nokia , Motorola and Panasonic and other companies are basically dominated by the Symbian operating system. e2 is a smart third-party software can be installed on your needs
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