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What do you use to backup your files, photos and music? If you don't backup your files, what are your reasons?

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Marian Merritt 
Asked at 2009.12.20 18:54:24
Computer users store irreplaceable files like financial documents, family photos and digital music on their systems. However, 46% of U.S. adults never backup their personal information. If a hard drive crash or natural disaster results in data loss, these files can never be recovered. What prevents computer users from backing up their data when it can save them a great deal of trouble in the future?
answer Rich Z  Answered at 2009.12.20 18:54:24
I back them up frequently on CD. I also keep a second copy on a laptop or on the computers in the office. With enough current copies your data can usually be restored. Any family photos are also on other family members' computers in other locations.

I used to use tapes but found that the tape drives became obsolete. That left me with lots of backup tapes that were worthless no matter how much effort I had put into them. Even the little floppies I used on a project basis were not as useful whrn computers stopped being shipped with floppy drives.

In addition to the CD backups I also copy them from my main (boot) drive to a second hard drive. I once had a hard drive failure on my boot drive that was not recoverable even by data recovery experts. Most of my data by then was on the other hard drive so all I needed to do was reinstall the programs onto my boot drive.

Failure to backup is a rookie error that is done by people who believe their drives will last forever. Anyone who has lost data at home or at work knows better.
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