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Cutting-edge technology, Rui Baoli sewage source heat pump technology advantages of excellence

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Chaplin White 
Asked at 2011.06.07 01:12:47
Cutting-edge technology, Rui Baoli sewage source heat pump technology advantages of excellence
answer Benjamin Lane  Answered at 2011.06.07 01:12:47
Cutting-edge technology, Rui Baoli sewage source heat pump technology advantages of excellent rapid development of today's society, with population and rapid economic growth, energy consumption and environmental pollution as the community focal point of concern. With the industrialization process in China rapid, sustainable economic and social development is facing severe challenges. There are indications that the implementation of energy conservation programs and improve energy efficiency in order to ensure that our long-term energy supply and demand. Use of independent innovation and technology of renewable energy development and utilization, it is imperative! Rui Baoli sewage source heat pump technology is supported by the State of innovative technologies. Survey shows that the burning of fossil fuels is the main source of greenhouse gases is causing environmental pollution and natural disasters, the culprit, therefore, find and develop the use of renewable energy sources is imperative, use of water source heat pump technology in recent years, the sewage in the heat As the use of renewable energy at home and abroad has gradually become a research hotspot. urban sewage source heat pump system of urban sewage extraction and storage of energy as the basic carrier, the use of sewage source heat pump system to achieve the building of the winter heating and summer cooling has a dual role water source heat pump system consists of water source system, heat pump systems, and the end of the system consists of three parts, each part of the pipeline and between the hot and cold water circulation by the sewage pipe network is connected. urban sewage mainly from domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, and stormwater . is a great feature with a cool temperature waste heat source, water source heat pump system is also ideal for low temperature heat source. Compared with other similar technologies, sewage source heat pump system has significant advantages. Compared with the air element heat pump, air source heat pump as the external environment in the application of low temperature in winter and less efficient, or even severe frost does not work, therefore, limited application of the cold north, water source heat pump system is to avoid the above problem, a small temperature change of urban sewage, water flow, is a very stable heat source, water source heat pump system to ensure stability. and ground source heat pump systems, ground source heat pump system according to the form of pipe pipe is divided into horizontal and vertical pipe, horizontal pipe pipe lighter form of construction more convenient, but requires a larger land area, in the tense city land difficult to apply, only suitable for smaller buildings and other the appropriate degree to the local conditions, thus reducing the use of the system. cause can not be applied in many areas, so that the system is powerless. Vertical Buried construction difficult, demanding geological conditions, addition of In addition, soil heat transfer efficiency is relatively low, compared to a small area of water source heat pump system, construction convenient, high thermal efficiency of the ship, easier to manage and maintain. and groundwater source heat pump systems, sewage source heat pump system with less investment, save the drilling, pumping, back cans, and other costs, avoid the back cans of groundwater pollution caused by improper. Today, China is vigorously promoting energy saving, according to the Environment in China 2009, 2009, total national emissions of waste water t 58920000000 If all the water heat recycling, the country may be heating and air conditioning heat water to 770 million square meters floor area of more than statistics show that the application of sewage source heat pump heating systems than electric boilers save 2 / 3 of the energy, than traditional coal-fired Boiler save 1 / 2 or more of the coal resources, water source heat pump as the heat source temperature is more stable throughout the year, the cooling system heat transfer coefficient than traditional air-source heat pump is about 40% higher, the operating cost of only 50% of normal central air conditioning - -60%. Water source heat pump system with heat pump water heat heat itself be transferred to the interior, energy efficiency up to 4.5-6.0, energy efficiency is 3-4 times the electrical heating, heat pump system without the cooling tower design, the use of the urban sewage, saving a lot of water. Water source heat pump system uses a municipal sewage as a heat source, the energy conversion heating and air conditioning systems, heat transfer equipment left behind after sewage has been cold or heat, to return the trunk sewers, sewage and other equipment or system does not contact the closed water cycle , do not pollute the environment or water system and other equipment. Eliminating the need for coal in heating, gas, oil, and other boiler room system, no combustion process, to avoid the smoke pollution, eliminating the need for refrigeration cooling tower, cooling tower to avoid the noise and mold contamination. Does not produce any waste, wastewater, waste gas and dust. And the system will be urban sewage as a refrigeration system for cooling water, not to air the release of heat, thus reducing the urban heat island phenomenon, which demonstrates the use of urban sewage heat for reducing air pollution and other sewage source heat pump system can reduce the discharge temperature, so as to reduce the sewage on water quality, thermal pollution and ecological environment. Discharge capacity of 46.4 billion in m, can save 033 million tons of coal to the national total energy consumption by 30 million tonnes of coal in terms, reached 1.1 percent, if we take an HVAC energy consumption 10 million tonnes of coal, amounted to 3.3%. At the same time to reduce annual emissions by 720,000 tons. Today, water source heat pump technology in many research and exploration of high-tech enterprises under the unfolding of its shines. Beijing Rui Baoli Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech industry to support high-tech enterprises. Companies adhere to the direction for the development of energy saving, specializing in sewage source heat pump, water pump and its system design for manufacturing, construction and energy collection devices untreated sewage independent R & D and manufacturing. The company has independent innovation, leading, independent intellectual property rights of sewage source heat pump heating and air conditioning system set technique. The technology uses a small amount of energy, so that the source of urban sewage as a heat pump heating and air conditioning become a reality. Truly energy saving, environmental protection, development and rational use of renewable energy, can be said to serve multiple purposes. Dreams come true innovation, science and technology to lead the future. Water source heat pump technology has numerous advantages, the future will certainly be widely used. As chief engineer of Beijing Rui Baoli Yang Shengdong spoken Engineering Department: "The technology in line with the general direction of national development, not only enables businesses to make money, but also benefits the country is a major event." Social times changing, high-tech create high-end, water source heat pump technology is bound to glory!
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