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Sewage source heat pump technology, a model of energy conservation

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juicy lee 
Asked at 2011.06.07 00:50:39
Sewage source heat pump technology, a model of energy conservation
answer Benjamin Lane  Answered at 2011.06.07 00:50:39
Sewage source heat pump technology, energy conservation, the model of water source heat pump, water source heat pump, sewage source heat pump sewage source heat pump technology, energy conservation, a model that energy, a lot of friends may initially feel that it is a very distant concept but it is not, energy, and each of us are closely related. Enterprise development, people's lives, social progress, its not a shortage of both. If the development of society is a high speed computer is, then the energy is the role of acting as the cpu, which is the main driving force behind social development, led the important part of the normal operation of each. Energy as an important driving force behind the development of today's society, uses a very broad range of nature, along with people's lives and the continuous improvement of industrial enterprises, some problems will gradually surfaced. We first look at the following information. According to the energy released in August this year, total electricity consumption and other data: August, total electricity consumption 397.5 billion kwh, up 14.69%, growth of 2%. Sub-sector, the primary industry, 11.2 billion kwh of electricity consumption, an increase of 5.88%, a decline of 2.6%. Secondary industry 287.8 billion kwh of electricity consumption, an increase of 14.85%, a decline of 2.1%. Electricity consumption of the tertiary industry 46.7 billion kwh, up 18.27%, growth of 15.1%. Electricity consumption in urban and rural residents 51.7 billion kwh, up 12.78%, growth of 18.3%. In summary, we can see the large power consumption. Therefore, energy conservation, without delay. Full use of renewable resources, it is imperative. Beijing Rui Baoli Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. ( independently developed the original water source heat pump technology is the full use of renewable resources, turning waste into treasure, called a model of energy conservation. The so-called sewage source heat pump system "is to the city sewage for the extraction and storage of energy in the cold, heat, with the compressor system, a small amount of electricity consumed in the winter to keep a low heat in the water" extraction "out of heat for the user, Summer heat put the indoor "extract" from the release into the water, thereby reducing the temperature to achieve cooling effect. The energy flow is the use of heat pump energy consumption (electricity) to draw all the energy (ie electricity + heat absorption) with high-temperature heat input to the row, the sky is the role of energy consumed to make medium to high temperature and high pressure compression to achieve low temperature heat source in the heat absorption effect. "heat pump system" that is, water supply and storage of energy as a cold, heat, water source heat pump system. The emergence of such systems bring convenience to the lives of everyone at the same time is greatly reduced power consumption, can be described as dual. Today's society is rapidly changing era, the era of knowledge **, is the technological innovation era. Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Rui Baoli ( independently developed by untreated sewage source heat pump system technology innovation of industrial technology in turn to a new wave of technological innovation in the road on the left brilliant footprint.
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