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Draw up the idiom of story of 4 out fairy tale, history, allegorical story, select a story that draws up place

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Anne ChurchillChu 
Asked at 2011.05.24 01:45:58
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answer Jane black  Answered at 2011.05.24 01:45:58
Allegorical: " chelonian hare race " , " self-contradictory " , " farmer and snake " , " volant tortoise " , " north wind and sun " , " farmer and goldfish " , " Master Dongguo and wolf " , " fish in troubled waters " , " wolf and escape into the lamb of fane " , : " punty wear needle " , " a foxy person has more than one hideout " , " ask ab. to take up a resposible post repeatedly " , " an old hand is a good guide " , " Lvhou is in office " , " volunteer one's services " , " burn one's boats " , " go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures begs Buddha " , " take a part of the whole " , " Sun Pang battle of wits " mythological: " boast husband recalls day " , " female Wa filling day " , " hind Yi She day " , " phlogistic emperor god farming " , " of Huang Di rise abruptly " , " Ares ignorants to be mixed especially compass " , " empyreal black female " , " drought is magical, skipping and hopping, run but fast. The tortoise also grew 4 legs, climb, climb, climb really slow. One day, tortoise of bunny meet unexpectedly, smilingly ground says: "Tortoise, tortoise, we come race, ? " the tortoise knows bunny is opening his fun, goggle at a pair of small eyes, pay no attention to also do not walk. Bunny knows the tortoise dare not follow his race, readily take the opportunity to is placing ear skip continuously, still made up jest of a folk song him: Tortoise, tortoise, climb, early in the morning goes out people deflower; Tortoise, tortoise, go, still be in towards evening people mouth. The tortoise got angry, say: "Bunny, bunny, you are fastened grand, we come race. " " what, what? Tortoise, what do you say? " " us this comes race. " bunny listens, laugh of within an inch of defeated abdomen: "Tortoise, dare you follow my race really? Good, we from here run, who to see run to a below the foot of a hill there large tree first. Be preliminary! One, 2, 3, - - - " bunny scatters a leg to run, run really quickly, run very far a little while. He looks later, the tortoise just climbed of a paragraph of small road, the heart thinks: The tortoise dare follow bunny race, it is extremely big jest really! I ah, sleep to become aware greatly here, let him climb this, not, let him climb in front go, I 3 skip 2 jump overtake him. " , , the victory is mine definitely! " bunny goes to the body on the ground one crooked, add up to eyelid, was asleep really. Say a tortoise again, climb really slow also, but his continuously ground climbs, climb, climb, climb, wait for him to climb bunny beside, already tired bad. Bunny still sleeps again, the tortoise also wants to have a break, but he knows bunny runs more quickly than him, insist to climb ability to win likely only. Then, he keeps climbing forth, climb, climb. Closer and closer from large tree, need a few steps only, 10 a few paces, a few paces... ... arrived eventually. Where is bunny? He still is sleeping! The in the future after bunny awakes looks, alas, how did the tortoise disappear? Look forth again, hey ah, disastrous! The tortoise has climbed large tree next. Bunny looks but urgent, catch up with hastily go but already late, the tortoise had won. The tortoise won. Bunny runs quickly, the tortoise runs slow, why did this match tortoise win instead?
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