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The fated lover of archer

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jenny brown 
Asked at 2011.05.24 01:32:41
Hearing the fated lover of archer is Scorpio ``` does not know is true ``` but the schoolboy ``` that the ``` that thinks the male survival that ``` likes before me is Scorpio really passes what red hears also is Scorpio but since be so why on constellation book
answer Joanna wood  Answered at 2011.05.24 01:32:41
Love conjugate archer it is a person that the freedom that manacle hates on spirit and words and deeds, answer to search to be bounty and can share pleasure, the object that comforts each other. Anacreontic and on the up-and-up, happy, generosity is easy, the life watchs consistent Leo; Provide great ideal and purpose to be able to create the Aries of the opportunity actively again; The archer of congeneric and carefree disposition, can bring happiness. Unworthily be like: The Pisces of inactive pessimism can make you (you) realize ideal hard; The Gemini with divine peripheral and simple essence of life, there is depart only finally; Preciosity is rigorous maiden can make you (you) have manacle feeling. Most the constellation of the incoming telegram: Leo conjugate index - 100 minutes [archer house is windward] the person of constellation of two fire elephant, attract very easily each other. Love plays to love again lively, the first time those who seek a range is unfamiliar, can cast beyond the highest heavens very quickly, what two people can hit at a draught is fervent. Nevertheless, the half alive that can love when agree with each other, unlucky, what make a noise very easily also is snafu, pat two medicinal powder. Harmonious least of all constellation: Taurine conjugate index - 40 minutes [archer occupies disadvantageous position] if chaffy dish is right cold food, do not build completely, if drop into the love net really, the likelihood is archer malty, or abrupt show amuses Taurus, wait after regaining consciousness, ability can sigh greatly: How to meet such?
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