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Balance (female) fall in love with archer (male) how?

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Abe Douglas 
Asked at 2011.05.24 01:19:12
Love him very much really, save save me, I want to let him like me!
answer Chaplin White  Answered at 2011.05.24 01:19:12
Libra (female) -- archer (male) the men and women of these two constellation likes to say, nevertheless Libra person is to like to argue with the person or make an analysis, and Sagittarius person is extensive, content changes interest not to say. They still like associate with friend, also be gregarious, can sympathize with a help to the weak, treat can hopefully when anything crops up... look, they are in so much similarly. Accordingly, the reader also was at ease for the amative combination of these two constellation probably. But Libra woman falls in love with a Sagittarius,man hind often cannot decide very quickly to whether should let this feeling develop. Above all Libra person always should think carefully even 6 think of, 9 think of ability to make make a decision, it is Sagittarius man often does not wish to get married next, be afraid that getting married is to cover on chains. The man the sort of indistinct manner is the woman that has not hidden the truth from any to love him, what is more,the rather that the woman is in that way an intelligent person. Libra person yearns for love and family, woman nature also hopes and beloved man builds a love nest together, good use her intelligence and energy in manage little family, attune to teach the respect such as this big boy (Libra woman often has pedagogic temperament and quality) . She thinks the man is evasive marriage is the love to her inadequate or not so cherish her affection, she is very so sad, and probable she can twist a head to leave. Of course, before this, the woman was analysed again very long. The man is in a lot of person eyes carefree but also won't do big implement person. He is happy, interest is wide, humanness goodness is enthusiastic, it is a good associate, good friend, but be in his boss eye,be a headachy staff member. Not be him lazy or stupid, it is OK that his energy came a person works, but the enthusiasm goes, he can not make even call go. He still has sufficient reason to defend for oneself -- go attending protest to catch the sit quietly that kills whale, for green peace constituent action expresses to support, rehearse for a certain repertoire... . He is divided with respect to uneasiness as a child, good the check that grew up not easily to just cast off parents, think of to want to jump into a home to get the control of a woman from now on again, the man should hesitate of course. But the man really ground of genuinely and sincerely loves the woman. How can he love belle of this rich attractive? The man likes and person accompany plays go working, like especially and grow good-lookingly to have alert and resourceful and outstanding person mate, it is to resemble her what is more,the rather that a such opposite sexes -- beautiful, clever, abound vigor kind-hearted enthusiasm. Want the woman not to say to get married to buy what kind of furniture or stay in where later to him only, the man also can not be willing to leave the woman momently, run quickly even if midnight is equestrian below moonlight madly to also can help woman person of the same trade. The man also won't be afraid of so all one's life bear the blame, the ability after passing so that experienced a few go through the mill can place a heart come, become a law-abiding employee and husband, father. Before this, he should change an occupation at least 10 times, and workplace should change above possibly 20 times. Whats try him ability understanding is installed. The man loves not only to the woman, still adore secretly -- this woman so abound sagacious, how uncommon. What does he encounter to wish to be listened attentively to to the woman, listen to the woman's opinion. Can be the woman no matter its large and small should consider debate repeatedly, this also allows the man sometimes impatient. So, sometimes the woman has not wanted to show the processing technique to a problem, the man already blast is like the ground to rush out. Although the man adores the woman, but always think oneself are an old man, so he is willing to hear the woman to be taught a lesson in that way when the child or talk about him least of all. The woman remembers even: Do not try to transform the man, even if one Ding Dian's effort the man can be aware of and special anger. Love him to accept everything his, he is not an exercise book can allow preceptress above correct. If you want to transform him, he thinks you are in encroach or strip his freedom. No matter whether has he read that poem of Pei Duofei, he thinks free prep above everything. The man and woman are very straight-out, but man openness must overdo with respect to constant style of conversation abruptness, your woman be embarrassed be embarrassed or get hurt. Man eloquence is very good, the woman admires this a little bit, but the woman does not wish to become the man's sarcastic target. In the final analysis, who is willing to stand the man again the sort of acerbic and obtrusive style of conversation? The man is careless, can mix such rich some also are met after the woman that love loves each other narrow-minded. The woman experts to who enthusiasticly, and its person also theres is no lack of to wish to make up to to the woman in the opposite sex, this can let the man be overcome. Both sides should avoid to let envious psychology arises and affect two people relation. Their sexual life can make the other side cheerful, because of two people so abound romantic temperament, go after again perfect, so sometimes the dekko of deep feeling of the other side or gently caress also can make two people are obtained contented. Nevertheless, sometimes the man also can refuse by the woman, , because at this moment the woman is pondering over a certain problem deep, she does not wish to have any interference. If have sexual life hold together only, any marriage won't perfect. Of marriage perfect the development that depends on both sides can develop jointly ceaselessly and seeing the other side ceaselessly. This can accomplish this to nod to the person and can share everything in the life, and unlike mostly the couple shares some part only in that way.
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