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Beg Pisces female AB everything thing!

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Ivy Bush 
Asked at 2011.05.24 01:16:19
Everybody helps pull!
answer mary ford  Answered at 2011.05.24 01:16:19
AB - Pisces to sum up in a word, AB - the person that Pisces is born, namely " the four person that weigh character " . On one second of ability is strong grinning ground rises to smile, falling however momently in tearful cry; Although advocate sober opinion on public affairs, unavoidable however have when the mood is flimsy. . . . . . Relapse again and again errant disposition, perhaps can be AB in order to say model - the general trend of Pisces! Its are complex and diversiform action mode, saying with its is " fourfold character " , still be inferior to saying them is the tramp with comfortable change to allow. Why to no matter be found a place for be in,plant in the environment, AB - can suit on the archer of Pisces, won't produce conflict with the person absolutely, perhaps establish the enemy. Fit the mediate part between individual and person most, him sacrifice, help sb to fulfill his wishes others; Was full of gentle with nice feeling. Get a person hold in the palm, sure the thing of faithful person; Won't reject a family hold in the palm please, be willing to be other and run everywhere, take on automatically the hard work of other. Nerve is more sensitive than average person, see through the family's heart very easily, and bow use up pure, will not hesitate to. Know to pay only, do not seek get one's own back, it is the model of dedicator. AB - the person of Pisces is absolutely won't from pity from type, have abasement goodness. Self-expression desire fragile, whenever the heart that won't lose polite bearing and modesty. Grasp the abdomen amount that holding wide great, include richly force, resemble be Great Harmony world child civilian. Comfortable stress is strong, tender and the manner of springiness, it is AB place what have jointly is clever reach the road that gets along with the person. And, the person that Pisces is born, because of its disposition very docile, hard to avoid can produce the error that ego loses. Sufferred all around environmental influence, lose way consequently, lost oneself principle. When anything crops up not care one way or another, lack Anacreontic manner, indecisive, indecisive, leave a family " want to please each person only " impression. So, also perhaps can bring about " careless " or " words and deeds is differ " the evaluation that wait. Again, because of fluidity very strong reason, obtain the credit of other very hard. Often say not to drill solely, or contradict oneself - - did not deceive people intentionally actually or the harbour intentions of nonsense, arrived regrettablly finally, always can make your person cannot collect the behavior of the letter. As a result of uncontrollable oneself heart change, and its individual character is multiple sex; Divine with foul, be apt to and evil wait, it is alternately in the heart alternate, conflict, deny rationally, perceptual affirmation, turn over Fu instead, make they become the holder that has charm of divine evil spirit. [the advice to you] cast except be overcautious and meaningless polite formula; Want to foster self-confidence, convey oneself clearly.
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