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School song lyrics is urgent, urgent, urgent, urgent

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Jane black 
Asked at 2011.05.24 01:15:41
Remembering having two words of song is, everybody tries hard, classmates, manage state affairs makes the same score the world in the future, rely on my generation completely, who knows, fast tell me
answer rose zhou  Answered at 2011.05.24 01:15:41
Evening song>"Time is like running water, not a little while class Bi Fang learns to return. We think bout carefully, is the assignment clear today not? Violate what the teacher speaks to ever you can have? Parents looks return, we not wander all the way. Manage state affairs makes the same score the world in the future, rely on my generation completely. Everybody tries hard! Classmates tomorrow adieu. " far and a Yao is familiar " evening song " , take us the years that then your person yearns for at the beginning of last centuries. " evening song " it is the song that when the student classeses are over, sings. The setting sun falls on the west, afterglow is all over the sky, 35 teenagers, carrying satchel on the back, scamper about ground comes home cheerfully from the school. They use affectionate and beautiful singing, expression gives him hard to become the aspirations of the ability with useful country. Because " evening song " it is to put class hour place to sing, also say sometimes so " breath song " . Because the song is medium,sing a homework again, say again consequently " Xi Ge " . When be being sung in last few years, in emphasizing a song, mention " manage state affairs makes the same score the world " , friend says again for " motherland song " . " evening song " it is actually having hundred years history " school Le Ge " . It is early at the beginning of 20 centuries, china everywhere popular " school Le Ge " , " evening song " be the most negative great reputation " school Le Ge " one of. " evening song " make about 1902, by latter-day music, art, educationist Li Shu is the same as gentleman compose a poem to a given tune of ci. The melody of the song collects the civilian music that from at that time the whole nation circulates " old 6 board " , melody is dark and broad, unhurriedly and clearly, simple and honest and natural. "School happy song " it is our country a on musical history strange flower, although the amount is not much, be in China however of contemporary music germinant held a significant position. 1996 Chinese article couplet on congress of the 6th whole nation, chairman Jiang Zemin ever was reviewed with everybody " evening song " , express numerous students is with smooth the world of manage state affairs oneself the ambitious ambition that allow, to contemporary person with great lash and invigorate.
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