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Can you teach me pursuit archer female young?

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Joanna wood 
Asked at 2011.05.24 01:15:06
I am Aries, can you teach me pursuit archer female young?
answer Jane black  Answered at 2011.05.24 01:15:06
The person that this constellation is born advocates free, unrestrained the feeling that reachs pursuit rate, natural disposition is hopeful, enthusiastic, it is a hedonism clique. Archer guardianship star is the time in Greek mythology this - the king of the thearchy of cosmic dictate and omniscient and omnipotent. It is a divine completist so, have wide and Yang Gang's breath, considerate mind, take axiom and justice seriously promote. The forthright and sincere of their humour, upright and outspoken, view to life contains a lot ofphilosophical sex, the fervent vitality that also hopes to be able to send out oneself place reachs pleasure, affect others, so popularity normally very good. Their extroversion, conversable, like new experience and attempt, especially motion and journey. Be cannot be manacled forever, do not agree to compromise, have again at the same time human nature and haggard, energetic and mobile force is powerful, having ambitious ideal, allow to won't abandon hope and ideal when. They can belong to their surroundings completely in pursuit from beginning to end, but because they are having open-minded philosophy,the likelihood is, have constant meeting so hopeful too cross one's own wishful thinking. Archer the interactive relation with other constellation most the constellation of appreciation - the constellation with the most trustful Aries - Pisces is optimal study object - Gemini is optimal working partner - grind Jie be affected the most easily constellation - maiden a constellation that masters the most easily - grind Jie, Pisces
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