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Do female lion and male archer match? Why to feel don't have future more and more?

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mary ford 
Asked at 2011.05.24 01:08:42

answer Joanna wood  Answered at 2011.05.24 01:08:42
Archer give a mark with Leo conjugate: Proportion of 100 inherent a pair of constellation: 48:52 analytic:Of constellation of elephant of two congeneric fire you, produce resonant syntonic feeling very easily, when coming up against archer especially, will make your heat rises apogee at a draught, it is the combination that sees type of to fall in love, health is optimistic. The igneous pattern feelings of you and archer, the effect is more not bad than Aries, although archer looks nerve is big, the word says continuously; To you, archer feels however with experience, still often with hopeful and bright and clear individual character placatory write power of exterior A Sha, the heart is quite lonely however you, it is the other in part that the lion needs very much. Note:The lion is very easy from hopeful and open shot in fill and level up is certain and empty, so your collocation can get full marks, it is the archer with unrestrained nature is manacled very hard only, of proper relaxation good-tempered with understanding, meeting conduce develops for a long time at yours. The ambition that should note archer and play a gender to be able to exceed the lion to envisage sometimes, your inherent and capacious mind conduce archer accepts your love, but be sure to keep in mind not to handle the situation too greatly (put too widely) , make you uncontrollable, the archer that you discover when arriving plays so that forgot your existence, want to pull a face to said some of what ~ to be able to have not enough time again! Still had better not battle write two people to close inherently, and oversight communicate constantly, also do not busy for the job, and do not have time and archer to undertake recreational activity together; Be in charge of you otherwise is lion king or white horse prince, according to run not by accident ~ ~ looks for more amused prey to go collect!
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