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> interpreter of libretto of thematic song TO BE LOVE

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Wendy Zhu 
Asked at 2011.05.24 01:04:33
City boy sings on the west. .
answer Adolf Pike  Answered at 2011.05.24 01:04:33
" To Be Loved " nowhere is not in your appearance But Everywhere Is Nowhere Without You does not have your where although no point What Seemed To Be Like Days Was Just A Moment In Time is brief appearance gets together only But It Meant The World To Me is in because I know What I'd Been Searching For All Of My Life,I already was all Cos' I Knew however life is medium once upon a time hard the I Had It Right Here In Front Of My Eyes of look for is in in those days I, it is so close It's Like You ' D Never Left Me, never Said Goodbye never leaves as you, never the I Can See Your Smile When I Close My Eyes of lay a finger on that your sound I Can Feel Your Touch Me Right Now can not hear to be able to experience you at the moment in crowd of I Can Hear Your Voice In The Crowd closes your smile to be before night of night of And I Hold On To That Every Night is standing fast why is when this mood To Help Me Understand When I Ask Myself examines minutely him, I can understand Why Of All The People Who Are There you unluckily in boundless and indistinct sea of faces, to Share All The Sorrow is only stay together with me, it is only partake all distressed And If You Never Come Back if you won't come back from now on And The Day Was All That We Had and even if I will accompany In My Eyes It Won't Matter with you tomorrow,be all And If I Wouldn't Be Tomorrow With You that we have that day I also because,do not have regretful Because Now I Know What It's Like To Be Loved at the moment the sensory What A Beautiful Thing that I understood to be loved, to Feel Your Love Within is enmeshed in your love is how good Like A Child Outside In The Sunshine On The First Day Of Spring warming early spring just like bath the child Just To Know This Is True below this world knows this only is actual existence There Is Someone Like You have you such person Who Can Make Me Believe can make I believe what There Is Nothing I Can't Do does not have is impassable
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