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Disinfection of food production system in urgent need of the workshop!

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Adolf Pike 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:55:41
QS requires a lot of companies are applying the software, and now need food plant disinfection system. Help out ..
answer Constantine Dodge  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:55:41
Clean clearance management system aims to provide GMP production facilities meet the requirements of health conditions, to prevent items mix is formulated system. 2. Scope: This system is applicable to the workshop on-site health company .. 3. Responsible departments: Workshop .4. The general cleaning of production areas cleared cleared by cleaning 4.1 Class 4.1.1 Check cleared on a shift, cleaning .4.1.2 pre-production, production premises, facilities, equipment, industrial equipment and other sort, straighten, sweep, and work-related items in a timely manner and clear the scene. ensure the production site clean and orderly. As there is a shift surplus materials, After verification of the number of product varieties produced under bumban its clearance after treatment .4.2 class production after cleaning, on the production site, equipment to clean, clean. Any surplus materials, verify the quantity of records stored in the specified location clearly marked The next cross-frequency processing .5. clean area was cleared, cleared by cleaning cleaning 5.1 Class 5.1.1 Check cleared on a shift, cleaning .5.1.2 clean area of equipment, facilities, industrial equipment for cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining . good day to be clean and clean, sterile: every day should be clean and disinfected: capital equipment, facilities, the outer surface of industrial equipment; 1.5 m in the following the inner surface of the walls and floor; access products, industrial equipment .5.1. 2.2 per week to be clean and disinfect (the provisions of the reunification of every Sunday cleaning, disinfection): removable equipment, facilities, industrial equipment on the inner surface; walls of the inner surface of all . per month cleaning, disinfection (the requirement for each 28 uniform cleaning and disinfection): a frequency above the roof .5.1.3 have surplus materials, verify the quantity of product varieties produced under bumban processing .5.2 classes after their clearance, cleaning of the floor powder 5.2.1 collection, bags from the transfer window after sending the clean area .5.2.2 order packaging film and semi-finished products within the packaging material, strapping sent after the transfer window from the clean area .5.2.3 clean area with special wares on the wall of 1.5 meters below the surface and ground, equipment, decontamination facilities, changing facilities were clean, clean .5.2.4 the equipment, containers, tools, sanitary ware clean, according to the Location Management requirements placed on their use of storage area is not finished on .5.2.5 packaging materials sent from the transfer window and into the clean area cartons, with tape and placed in the bag before sealing storage area, the correct identification .5.2.6 Any surplus materials, verify the quantity of records stored in the specified location clearly marked to pay the next frequency processing .5.2.7 .5.2.8 disinfectant in the sewer will be replaced mouth put the clean clothes folded and put into sterilized sterilizer .6. Supervision and Inspection: This class 6.1 from the squad on the implementation of the system, it was discovered the problem Ministry of process quality and timely corrective .6.2 workshop on the implementation of the system of the ad hoc supervision and inspection, found the problem corrected.
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