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How can I make my legs thinner to help ah ah Oh I weight 152 height 78 weight do you have a way to lose weight

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anne lane 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:50:29

answer William Smith  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:50:29
Karen: Every day do some handstands and air play sports, and sports compact skin after applying lotion. Leg Tips 1: Multi-brisk walking, more vertical jump, and more leg; less to sit, stand less and less squat. This prevents lower limb blood circulation, so the leg looks swollen. Sammi Cheng: a walk after dinner, free time to dance. Leg Tips 2: When in every possible tiptoe, for example, car, etc., on the stairs, so when the working gap. The long run will find not only the legs become slender, especially with thin ankles. 21:00 Shu Qi Shu Qi will no longer eat: no eating after 9 pm. Stand at least 30 minutes after a meal, while the conscious calf tightened. Leg Tips 3: diet. More bananas, soybeans, spinach, seaweed and other foods containing potassium, to help the excess moisture from the body; eat less sugar, salt too much food, avoid fat accumulation and edema. Kelly Kelly to eliminate fatty foods: Eat fresh fruit and seafood help to detox stovepipe food, eliminate fatty foods. Tips 4 legs: feet with warm water every day, and massage for 5 minutes. Can effectively help to relax muscles and increase flexibility in the small S: lying in bed, stretch back to do some lifting action, raise the legs before going to bed, into a 90 degree angle, on the wall, twenty or thirty minutes and then break down. Usually conscious wearing high-heeled shoes suitable for walking foot, stretch my legs and modesty on the body as a whole. Leg Tips 5: No Rocker his legs - this will seriously affect the leg line. Thick legs, thighs become the source of American, French zipgirl too coarse to wear short skirts difficult to see, there is no remedy? Can be tied in the thigh leggings, or bathe with the maintenance of film wrap the thigh, and promote sweating. In addition, the following actions can help you lose weight: (1) knees, feet knees slightly apart, upper body straight, slowly backwards, and then restore the original position. At this time, the back is not bent, otherwise no effect. Repeated several times. (2) back for the frog jump. Squatted on the floor, feet firmly back jump, then hold down the floor before hand. (3) to stand on tiptoe, arms straight and keep the body balanced. Then, my eyes, slowly squat down. In order to avoid loss of balance and fall, his hands may be over their heads. Remember, we must tiptoe to do. At first, for the first 5 times, then slowly increase the number of times to 30 times or more. (4) feet straight sitting, first pull the left foot with both hands, held high, back straight, leaning forward, a deep breath. Pulls the right foot do the same action. Just started, you may find it very difficult to do a few times is simple. First, the leg body exercise to lose weight to body weight when you carry out the purpose of the exercise, including all parts of the body, including thighs will get to lose weight. Legs and buttocks can be the most effective aerobic exercise exercise are walking, cycling, cross-country skiing, stair climbing and so on. Running is a good way to consume calories, but very thick thigh fat people is not the best choice. Because these people often feel too uncomfortable running very hard, so often insisted on not continue. The use of a combination of walking and running would be much better method. When you do not feel hard, may be reduced appropriately increase the running walk. Swimming is also a whole body aerobic workouts, but swimming is not much use on the thigh. If you want to fit in the pool in the legs, you can walk in shallow water or in deep water wearing life jackets at the walk. The natural resistance of water will make your legs get strong exercise. The effect of exercise by running in the street can not get. To make thighs to lose weight, exercise 30 minutes each time, at least 3-5 times a week. Persist below the middle and moderate-intensity exercise, the maximum exercise intensity of 60%, so that we can burn more fat. If you feel a bit hard to maintain this level of exercise, physical activity can be started small and then slowly improved. You can also exercise intensity and time flexibility, if the exercise intensity is low and more easily, you can increase the exercise time. On the consumption of fat is concerned, walking 1 hour and 20 minutes running the same effect. Before the implementation of exercise program, it is best to let the doctor give you your body check, and then choose a bad melon easily and with no exercise intensity. After the training time can be gradually increased, but the average increase per week of exercise should not exceed 20%. The best way to self-judgment, exercise within 1 hour of the end of the body can return to normal. In the training process in order to prevent parts of the body injured, you can do some preparation activities, such as jogging or doing a few stretching exercises to do so. The best time to exercise 1-2 hours before meals, such as early morning and afternoon. Second, the local sports bodybuilding thigh stretching exercises thigh fitness is one of the most effective. Arms down, one Tuixi squat, keeping back straight, the other leg stretched back until parallel with the ground; or in the same location, the other leg straight to the side, until the body into a 90 degree angle, try to 3 sets each leg (n = 10) this campaign. This exercise can also be carried out in the body when standing, one leg stand and keep the body straight, extend the other leg to the side and back extension, leg straight as possible and parallel to the ground. Stretch sideways movement can also be carried out, the body in bed or on the floor flat on his side, one leg close to the floor, one leg lifted up, until the legs and body into a 45-degree angle, then a 45 degree angle on the legs support in a table or chair, then lifted by the legs to the floor and on the legs close together. This exercise can enhance the inner and outer thigh muscles, rather than, as previously only the lateral muscle exercise, thus maintaining the balance and symmetry of the thigh. You're the stretch after exercise, you can try to do some "
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