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With a universal charger for cell phone batteries have any effect on the battery charge up

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lisa green 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:44:10
What disadvantages do
answer Reb Brown  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:44:10
I believe we've all been broken cell phone charger can not buy the charger, the phone had shelved the case. Mobile species on the rise, but the charger between different brands is not common with each other, allows us to enjoy the convenience of mobile phones are frequently encountered while charging the embarrassment and annoyance. Recently, this reporter saw in the market, a "universal cell phone charger." Cheap promotional ads, a multi-purpose charge, to carry and easy to make "universal cell phone charger," a time in various shopping malls in and become a consumer hit. "Universal mobile phone charger" really give consumers convenient for you? Does it have security risk it? See our reporter's investigative reporter in the city of Guangzhou, the various communications such products have been found. The case in the absence of bargaining, the reporter took only 10 yuan to purchase a product called "X-pass" and "universal cell phone charger." At present, available in the market, "Universal mobile phone charger" are priced at 10 to 15 yuan. If the "experts" getting goods will be as low as 5 to 8. This name business also told reporters that those who sell 80 shopping centers on a "universal cell phone charger" is actually approved to go out from us, and profits are quite substantial. This reporter found on the "universal cell phone charger," the product features: 1. Appropriate capacity 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion below (Li-ion) mobile phone batteries. 2. Built-in high performance switching power supply, wide voltage adaptation, AC 110 ~ 220V. 3. Input: AC220V ~ 50Hz 100mA Output Approved: DC2.4V ~ 7.2. 4. Microcomputer chip control charge and discharge process, turn the power off automatically when full. Currently, the most common type of mobile phone batteries have (Li-ion) Lithium-ion battery, ultra-thin lithium polymer battery, NI-MH Ni-MH-ion batteries. Batteries of different types of battery threshold (sign full / exhausted voltage) different, lithium-ion batteries have 3.7V/4.3V and 3.6V/4.2V of the points. The market's "universal cell phone charger," said to be better compatible with (Li-on) lithium-ion batteries. Reporter interviewed a number of industry personnel. They are generally on the "universal cell phone chargers," said the challenge: "The constant flow of a standard constant voltage charging method, different rated capacity of the battery charge current is different from the maximum of not more than 1C (C is the battery capacity), are 500mAh and 1300mAh battery The same current can charge? "Of course, there are already more advanced fast charge mode (such as -DV/DT), has good compatibility. But to produce qualified products must be using a special chip and detection circuit operation, so that overall costs of products not even think about winning 100 yuan. Those who sold tens of dollars (actual cost probably less than 10 million) of the "universal cell phone charger," adopted for the new technology automatically according to different battery suitable for the current and threshold voltage to achieve the universal effectiveness of it? It is questionable people! ! Three questions Pcopy; mine very proud of a super cool forum - a very cool super proud of Ray forum, latest software, BT download, games, entertainment, dating chat, free online paradise f your question one: careful study of the "universal cell phone chargers," we found it only two output lines, and we know that well-designed charger output at least three lines. The battery is usually the middle of the two data lines and temperature feedback and alarm lines, most of the internal lithium-ion battery protection circuit even has intelligent management chip. "Only two output lines" means that the charger the battery itself has given up the protection circuit. Also the only way to achieve "cheap universal." Second question: "A lot of chargers made of high precision are used to reduce cut-off voltage mode (normal cut-off voltage is 4.2V). They limit the door is about normal value is set to 4V. This makes charging their own safety, but rechargeable battery is always satisfied. equal to the battery capacity decrease, leading to the increase in number of charge cycles, but also led to shortened battery life. lithium-ion batteries are very delicate and sensitive. lithium-ion battery is almost 100% absorption efficiency, large-current charge or a small current is sufficient charge could lead to battery failure. so the battery threshold control can be said to charge the control of a key!; mH {copy; mine proud of a very cool super-Forum - Ray proud of a very cool super forum, latest software, BT download, video games , dating chat, you are the best online free of charge y1 heaven is straight off the phone charger charge - direct charge to provide a constant DC voltage, and then by phone with a precision reference voltage source, while under software control with temperature compensation function and data exchange capabilities of programmable ultra-large-scale mobile phone recharge the battery power the chip, can achieve almost perfect results. Many in the software engineering mode mobile phone can also adjust the voltage parameters of precision, accuracy 0.01V. These are charging cradle, and other means is not easy to do, perfect egg-shaped direct charge charger should be included isolation, AC / DC conversion and regulation, and the charging cradle and all monitoring functions. Therefore, this egg-based charging device costs almost combined. The egg market charger almost all the cheap junk! "question three: Now, more and more consumers have recognized the cell phone 12 to 16 hours initial charge is not correct to say This statement followed the previous pattern of old Nickel type of batteries. For the lithium-ion batteries do not need, or even
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