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The decoration is simple way to save money

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Betty White 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:43:19
The decoration is simple way to save money
answer Tony Blake  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:43:19
For many consumers, the decoration is a major event in family life, but also spending a lot of money. As someone who has the time in the decoration suggest that you do not blind pursuit of luxury, simple design can reduce costs, but also conducive to protect the safety of the indoor environment. Renovation is cost-effective, by three factors. Factor 1: the complexity of the decoration decoration design, construction and more complex features more space and shape, the greater quantities, the main materials and auxiliary materials used the more the higher the cost of renovation. Environmental pollution caused by indoor decoration is the main reason for ignoring the additive effect of construction decoration materials, even if all the interior decoration materials used in accordance with limits of harmful substances decoration materials, construction products after the renovation may cause indoor pollution. Factor 2: decoration decoration materials cost of materials cost by the following factors: 1, decoration materials, rare degree. New decorative material is often high prices; using expensive raw materials, decoration materials production and the price must also high. 2, material and longer service life, the better the quality, the higher the price. 3, material procurement channels. Building materials supermarkets, the larger the building materials market, the less the purchase link, and the relative prices will be lower. Factor 3: decorated indoor environment is safe, pollution-free for the same cost of interior decoration, indoor environmental quality after the completion of the renovation is cost-effective decision. Even the unique, beautiful and comfortable, affordable renovation, if the indoor environment has been polluted after decoration, decoration consumers are not properly accommodated. Ranging from the need to increase investment in indoor environmental pollution control, the delay period losses and disputes, while in need for major changes in large-scale demolition, suffered heavy losses. More serious is that if consumers are living in a renovated indoor pollution may also affect you and your family's health and safety, resulting in mental, physical, and chemists and other losses. Therefore, fitting the most cost-effective safety and environmental protection. Therefore advocated minimalist style decoration, decoration materials to minimize the amount of usage and construction, select large, reputable home building materials market, the purchase of environmentally friendly furniture, decoration materials and environmental protection, quality and technical supervision prior to arrival designated by the department commissioned the testing unit testing the indoor environment very necessary. If you find that the indoor environment pollution, do not rush to stay. By decoration companies, furniture manufacturers, home building materials market of the quality management department consultation.
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