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84.03.20 Shaw was born in 2009 Horoscope Pisces mice do?

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jenny brown 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:42:00
Its bad luck had a 2008, 2009, fortune did not know how, please expert advice, what lucky approach? Declined website copy paste.
answer Aaron Barton  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:42:00
Year of Birth: 1936,1948,1960,1972,1984,1996 mice were born in the Year this year, a large fortune to pick up a decadent air wash; is making progress, before the loss of the opportunity to recover, because the "old co" Gemstar life house sits, so easy to get this popular, moral support from many, may be even more powerful now! Outside of work, but efforts should also be careful maintenance, guard against overwork. Career, the rat to enter into the "Plum Blossoms," the year to come, show fame Dezhi, education is expected to pass the examination, is expected to name the cause of reaping! Subject to the anti-villain from obstructions, so Gongbaichuicheng! Key to the success of this year, all in terms of popularity, so must try to improve the popularity. Wealth, who is a mouse fortunes this year, stable fiscal income is abundant, but the bad fortune, not addicted to gambling. Due to "illness Break" unlucky in life palace, the Rat year people in poor health, must pay close attention to food hygiene; Do not fear the disease seek medical treatment, so as not to regret! The rat given rise to the opposite sex who is easy this year emotional sparks, fall in love, but not too high-profile publicity. Young rats are easier to focus on this year's learning, emotional, so much improved ability to absorb knowledge; if you are willing take the initiative to move excited to learn, can certainly stand out among the best! Easily damaged stomach this year, so must pay close attention to food hygiene. In addition, away from home, you must pay close attention to traffic safety, not to joie de vivre. This year the women of the Rat family rolls, good marital relations; but unfortunately easy to trick the villain, and need to be cautious like to port to avoid non-continuously all day long! The most in need of attention is the family health. The Rat of the girls this year, feeling rich, easy-to-heterosexual compatibility, love life colorful; but not too obsessed. Rat people are fortune, subdued this year, the official golden opportunity to make progress! Because of the "old co" Gemstar easy to get this year, according to Life So popular, you can get the support of colleagues and customers, is to become more. Smooth progress of work in January this year, is the first lunar month, March, July, September, October and December, should seize the opportunity. Block of the month this year, more work is the Lunar New Year in February, May and November, in the three-month period, the processing must be extremely careful. Rat people are stable this year, wealth, income wealth is abundant, may consider investing in or buying property, must be profitable; but bad fortune, not addicted to gambling, so utterly exhausted, and repent! Block of the month this year, more wealth is the Lunar New Year in February, April, May, June and November. Wealth boom of the month this year, is the first lunar month, March, July, October and December, a few months to a diversified investment in the above, but not greedy. Rat people are due this year, "sick character" vicious star that life, it will be more seriously affected the health, vulnerable to disease problems; must pay close attention to food hygiene, do not fear the disease seek medical treatment! Will be prone to problems this year, the month of the lunar calendar in February, April, July, August and November. May need to guard against mass annihilation Lunar June beware of marine insurance. Rat people are popular this year, very good, with friends and clients can live in harmony, and easy to love sparks clashes with the opposite sex, fall in love, but not too much publicity, so things never come easy. Feelings of great progress this year, the month is the first lunar month, March, July, September, October and December, should cherish time to cultivate their feelings. The mascot of the Rat Year of the Ox in the traditional concept of astrology, the universe has its own characteristics of allelopathy. And those things conducive to a particular zodiac is the zodiac's "mascot" mascot placed in the appropriate position, can play its unique raw Wang defends the role of great help to improve the fleeting fortune. Rat people are advised in the northwest this year, or in the bed placed one pair of emerald green stone into the "Xinglin SPRING" to help Wang. Xinglin arrival of spring in ancient times, Xinglin and revive Miaoshouhuichun military to praise the great national team. A pair of vibrant swallow the occasion of the coming of spring, full of apricot Xinglin flew among the auspicious form healthy thriving scene. Although this is a mouse of many lucky people Blessing, fortune, subdued, but unfortunately fly in the ointment, there is a "disease breaks" vicious star that life, easy to display health problems, must be carefully maintained. If you want to melt the ghost Wang reminder, you can put a pair of "Xinglin SPRING" as a mascot. Who is a rat in the house this year or should be room in the northwest, to put one pair of emerald green stone into the spring as to help Mong Xinglin; or can be placed in the bed. If the player wearing the brown stone Xinglin fall for the spring as amulets, and the mascot complement each other, the effect will be faster and more! Mascot is a natural stone for carving, so if natural Marble is a natural thing, cause for concern! However, if after some time in the display is broken suddenly, which means that the body blocked it Zengyi disaster, the original effect of lost, must be replaced as soon as possible replacement. Mouse position is good and bad people of the three students this year, Wang Kyrgyzstan, in the northwest, southeast and northeast; if the beds, table and sofa in the house placed on the three directions can be found this year, the feng shui trend Zodiac Ji Tao, help to improve the fleeting fortunes. If not so, will at least take the three most important to avoid the south and southwest of furniture to meet the road to avoid fierce. Good and bad over the proposed location is purely mice were born in the Year to calculate; nothing to do with the other Lunar New Year, do not be confused. Color is good and bad people in this year's students Rat Wang wink is brown, yellow and green; if we use these colors
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