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How fitting to save money?

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William Smith 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:28:04
My home in Guangzhou, high prices, what fitting way to save money
answer jenny brown  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:28:04
1 brick: step is pragmatic and easy to wear pieces of brick is too low in general do not wear over time easily scratched, looks "scars", your heart will follow regret, this time for thinking about , we should chisel it piece by piece, Hello, trouble! Second, most of the floor tiles too cheap not slip, likely to cause accidental injury. The high quality brand and product phase of floor tiles are guaranteed, just look at the price Well your heart will feel at ease. Therefore, we working family about it: brick must not yield to the temptation to buy cheap, sloppy. 2, wires, pipes: money and second, the quality of the first lines, water mains is a big expenditure. It is precisely because the "big spending", it was often less concerned about the quality, but only value price. As the saying goes you pay for, blindly seek cheap, quality is difficult to be guaranteed, wires, water pipes if the quality is not up after the decoration will cause great inconvenience to life, and even become a security risk. 3, power outlet: One Less With the development of household electrical appliances, household appliances will be more and more, but not once has a new electrical outlet, to be difficult to install, and can only delay a move on the floor socket, how to be more ugly ugly, but also easy to stumble. Second, even a few pieces of household electrical appliances to avoid using a socket at the same time lead to overload, causing accidents. The correct approach is: According to the housing area, in accordance with professional electrical design, electrical appliances and then the actual number of integrated family and reasonable settlement power outlet, and leave some stand-socket, in order to facilitate future expansion. 4, fitting: one step, leaving the tail "to the first, simply click on the line decoration, decoration and so will have money again." Some working-class because of economic reasons, in addition to the material you could save the province, In the decorating project is also "saved." Some of the projects completed this, they often set aside, left to do after. First, the new home, the years after the renovation, will house a big mess again, very convenient. Moreover, those who had to stay until the renovation project, if done later, it will inevitably affect the future work and life. Secondly, if no timely completion of these projects, in order to do later, because the project may be too fragmented and difficult construction teams invited, even if invited, will be out of high prices, or not very professional "casual." Such a delay, in fact, was dragged to a pile of trouble. So, for those non-completion of the project can not be the best one-step, do not leave a "tail." 5, making use of bay window table in a small apartment in order to put a large table, perhaps a luxury thing, so here are making use of the bay window table becomes very easy way out. Specific approach is to knock down the top part of the bay windows and destroyed several parts of the design with a slide in the drawer, the drawer above the surface can be used together with the bay window, decorative wood, you can use to do the work surface. When used, the drawer can be withdrawn, so that the bottom drawer that can be put there feet of space, people can sit comfortably stool naturally operate on, and do not need to worry about lighting problems. Economical reasons: save alone the cost of fitting convex side window, make a large work surface and place a separate table to save space. 6, the children's room wall cabinet frame geometry is full of playful children's room space, also need to cultivate children's shape and color of the objects of perception. This method produced some children's room wall cabinet hexagonal honeycomb lattice (which can also design other simple geometric shapes and lively), which would be done with ordinary Daixinban substrate, the appearance of plaster, and finally brushing color latex paint. This design can cause the child's imaginative play, and with the overall theme of children's room echoes. Economical reasons: own design, materials cheap, the cost to purchase natural children below the market shelf.
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