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Where the decoration can save money

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juicy lee 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:23:51
Where the decoration can save money
answer jenny brown  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:23:51
Fitting to determine whether the principle should be to save money: the importance, influence, and then the possibility and ease of replacement, with or without other alternatives. First, the toilet 1, either of gold or porcelain, then are Baba, rather than gold bars (and even constipation, hardness immeasurably, Hussein using a gold-plated, and the result was not hanged it? 2, in the future more easily replaced, even the bolts are not that many, direct connection flange wear, stamped into the plastic on. 3, 5-800 of the general market is quite good, cheaper than 200, as long as the enamel good on the line, many thousands of brands, thousands, in fact, the last and sat under the bottom. 4 parts water to is to note, or steady, waste not say too much water also. recommended to buy a good enamel, there a certain reputation in the second-tier brands. Second, wash basin and bathroom cabinet 1, in fact, face, hand, put an object, that is, utilization of early and late. 2, then there will not be many people pay attention to good-looking, at most The first to praise it. 3, significant differences between the market price, in fact, features are the same. recommended to buy a good second-tier brands is enough to enamel, in particular, solid wood cabinets. Third, the shower room 1, the domestic bathroom is not large, not able to achieve full Separate, how have you come out dry bath bar, one out of the ground began to wear slippers wet. 2, glass shower scrub is very cumbersome and hard water quality in the north, water damage was, and rails, horns Gala and other scrub is very convenient. 3, 9 * 9 at right angles to the general are too small, let alone have to cut a diamond, at home if you have a fat, a bath will be Biequ. 4, in fact, a simple piece of legislation tempered glass, to block the most to become, the price is only shower room 1 / 4 to 1 / 5, but also into the shower curtain, but the overall look messy, not clean. suggested that the glass with a piece of steel flower partial occlusion. IV, 1 flume, that is, washing dishes, and vegetables are used, not run bump and greasy, and who will not be used to wash the Queen Mother of the peach. 2, the price difference between the large, no matter how hard blow, in fact, are stainless steel, with a few years, the results are similar. 3, note that the water formed, this was bought for. Recommendation: as long as no welding on the table, using the ordinary to become, note thickness. V, lamp 1, lamp profiteering, crystal lamps are too expensive, and less for home, crystal lamps are one good-looking chandeliers two meters, was on a million homes have enough high? 2, the most practical home ceiling, assisted by some wall lamps, lighting, art lamps, a lamp 200 has been quite a luxury. 3, of course, safety first, do not buy no safety certification. proposes to ceiling, chandelier-based. VI, 1, background music, good things, but your wiring, speakers you, buy this thing Aizai. 2, plus a socket with an MP3 speakers can be done, as long as a fraction of the cost of background music. 3, moisture-proof speakers in your bathroom and the results will not be very good, with background music, money, and if a bath, do not put out small LCD TV.
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