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What kind of kitchen appliances best suited to open the kitchen?

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Wendy Zhu 
Asked at 2011.05.23 20:19:33
Current dazzling variety of kitchen appliances, I am looking for a suitable kitchen appliances. But do not know the kind of electrical good?
answer Adah George  Answered at 2011.05.23 20:19:33
In China, people do open kitchen, be sure to pay attention to the processing fumes, because we and the West, many Westerners use olive oil cooking, induction cooker, microwave, stove, oven. So home very little smoke. The Chinese people are mostly cooking oil, blending the oil, natural gas fire. So the Chinese people will be particularly great for cooking fumes! If handled properly, it will smoke house full of flies, not only will not bring to enjoy the open kitchen space, but beginning from the first meal of the beginning of a nightmare! However, the owners have several ways to prevent such things from occurring, the first, smoke machine and the size than with gas stove, range hood size must be greater than the gas stove. The only way to make a hood covering an area sufficient enough to increase the smoke. Second, the hood must be in the power of choice more than 200 watts, all the soot in China, has an identity in the body "CXW-***-****", which followed" CXW-"the figures to representative of the actual power hood, such as: CXW-150-***, on the note is 150 watts of power, if it is CXW-200-*** on the note is 200W. Third, the hood installation height must be at 65 cm -75 cm, too vulnerable to fire from too close to the fire, there is no suction of the smoke is too high. Fourth, before and after installation of the suction hood with "anemometer" test. If the suction hood at the wind speed below 0.5 m / s to not suck on the fumes. Hood is not installed before the suction pipe can reach the maximum 3.5 m / s, 45 cm away from the hood is about 0.5 m / s; and many owners after home improvement, the maximum suction hood is only 1.2 m / s, at 30 cm to only 0.5 m / sec. An even after the maximum suction is only 0.8 m / sec. Therefore, the installation is very important. Fifth, with the derivative secondary smoke hood, the hood hood suction barrier can not reach them, so that the smoke will smoke all the siphoning function. However, due to lead in the use of smoke hoods with the power of choice, according to high and low speed. If the hood power of 250 watts to use low speed. Otherwise, because of the fumes go up too fast, but let hood open kitchen, so no time to siphoning off as much as possible to rule out the need for a new product guide hood exhaust fumes have a significant role in conjunction with the hood can play better results
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