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Promote the continuous progress of science and technology fields of chemical technology company Spirit oil

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rose zhou 
Asked at 2011.05.15 23:35:58
Crude oil prices continued to rise at 75 dollars / barrel in the operation of high crude oil prices once again a touch of China's energy nerves. Daqing, Shengli and other old oil fields to actively seek new replacement block, and technological innovation through new understanding never involved in the field to the original, including deep excavation. New oil exploration technology - continue to enter the oil fields of chemical technology, and rapid promotion. Only one purpose: to find more oil as soon as possible. China Oilfield Chemical Technology progress? What are the issues that need to be addressed? Let us look together - gathered Prime Petroleum Technology Company. Spirit of oil field technology company dedicated to the latest international research and development of chemical science and technology promotion and application of positive development in recent years, the China Petroleum and chemical products market. Field of chemical and biological enzyme technology is flourishing petrochemical revolution in the field of chemical science and technology an important component. Field of chemical and biological enzyme technology, the use of modern high technology, the diversity of fungi from China in the screening of new biological enzymes, development of a new enzyme products. To test a variety of enzymes, including biological enzyme blocking agent, enzyme treatment agents, biological membrane enzyme preparation, enzyme and viscosity paraffin study, enzyme degradation technology, bio-enzyme technology, increase flooding and so on; has been successfully applied to the offshore oilfield development and land-based heavy oil, low permeability and low permeability oil fields, high wax oil, completion workover, enhanced oil recovery and other fields. Prime Petroleum Technology have laid the high yield of enzyme applications in the oil field's leadership, SUNCOO Oil is the oil yield of enzyme technology in the development and application of the world's most authoritative provider. Prime Petroleum Technology Company is currently also active areas of the surface active agents, oil field of tertiary oil recovery, low permeability areas of active development, the best technology to the Chinese oil fields. "Spirit is trying to become an international petroleum science and technology, creative oilfield chemistry R & D institutions, to bring customers the latest technological achievements oilfield chemicals, such as biological cleaning chemical technology field. Prime Oil is a passionate and innovative technology and services companies in the oilfield chemical actively with efforts to develop oil fields of chemical science and technology cooperation in new areas of the body, to attract more partners to grow together. "Golden Age of science and technology official said the oil.
answer Joanna wood  Answered at 2011.05.15 23:35:58
Not had a chance to try Bangding
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