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India's Essar Group, the world's top 500 senior leaders visit Luohe Petrochemical Group

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Adolf Pike 
Asked at 2011.05.15 23:05:47
On the morning of August 22, India Essar (Love Sa) Group, Dr. Bala research center manager, Essar (Love Sa), Professor Sha Lima Senior Advisor, Essar (Love Sa) Group Manager of Beijing Representative Office Zhao Jingfeng line of three to Luohe Petrochemical Group tours, the company held a grand welcoming ceremony. India's Essar (Love Sa) Group The Group made a special trip to the Luohe Petrochemical visit is due in May 2006 the Group Chairman of the Board of Directors in Singapore, Wu Qi field "of methanol Ninth Asia Forum" on the "methanol as a transportation fuel in China application and development "exciting discourse. After the meeting, India's Essar (Love Sa) Group, Dr. Bala research center manager immediately called on the Chairman of the Board Luohe Petrochemical Group Dr. Wu Yuqi, and issues related to methanol fuel to Dr. Wu Yuqi discussed. Luohe Sinopec Group on R & D is very interested in a large proportion of methanol and gasoline, on August 22, 2006 to 23 large proportion of the company's methanol fuel R & D project, a two-day visit, study. The two sides discussed the application of methanol status and development prospects, the exchange of methanol and dimethyl ether fuel diesel hybrid views; and the introduction of methanol fuel for the Indian issues related to in-depth and friendly exchanges. Essar Group has agreed that the visiting staff of methanol has a very broad application space, while the methanol fuel is more significant economic and market prospects. India's Essar (Love Sa) Group plans to build high-tech in the Middle East methanol fuel production plant, the introduction of methanol fuel my group of high technology, and with reference to our enterprise standard methanol fuel, methanol and gasoline in India to develop national standards. Essar Group, during the visit of the study group Sinopec Group Luohe alcohol fuel industrial production base, and had a large proportion of M50 and M80 methanol fuel methanol fuel on-site deployment and full driving test, India's Essar Group has been Expedition audience with reporters at the scene unanimously acknowledged and highly appreciated. Essar Group's senior adviser, Professor Sha Lima Ao Youxing also picked up the deployment of good cause M80 methanol fuel, repeated observations, felt the Luohe Petrochemical Group --- the world's leading high-tech products methanol fuel a large proportion of the magic, and has two driving Take the use of methanol vehicles, Professor Sha Lima thumbs up, even the mouth praise, the presence of other senior leaders in India gave full recognition and appreciation. Essar Group is one of the largest groups in India, the world's top 500 No. 270, the areas covered are: iron and steel, oil and gas, electricity, telecommunications, shipbuilding and construction. Fixed assets of 16 billion U.S. dollars with the world's largest oil transportation company, also has the world's largest integrated sea logistics companies. Luohe Sinopec Group and India's Essar Global 500 group of friendly exchanges and further cooperation, which will influence and lead the methanol fuel industry in Asia and worldwide rapid and healthy development, and jointly solve the problem of energy shortage faced by mankind. Finally, Luohe China Petrochemical Corporation of India to introduce methanol fuel technology and high technology products, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation, which is bound to ease India's energy crisis and oil development and utilization of new energy sources and promote a solid foundation. [Em13] [em12] [em23]
answer Anne ChurchillChu  Answered at 2011.05.15 23:05:47
In more than ten years of hard work and growth process, Luohe Sinopec Group Yunji, enriched and developed the corporate culture with its own characteristics, it is the economic foundation of Luohe petrochemical, management, and spiritual values and the pursuit of a comprehensive reflection of sublimation. Luohe Petrochemical Corporation since 2085 inception, the reform of the avant-garde thinking boldly innovate, in China's socialist market economic system has not yet made a complete theoretical framework of the eighties, Luohe Sinopec Group to plan economic system distribution system and operation mechanism talent, breaking the iron rice bowl, the implementation of salary, piece rates; break the rigid personnel system, lines need to attract talent, applied their talents and formed a move, promotion and demotion mechanism for the appointment of cadres. So far, ahead of the innovation system Luohe Sinopec Group has been an important indicator of corporate culture. Luohe Sinopec Group to "respect for knowledge and education, and development of technology" as a strategic project and unremittingly, for staff members, all-round, multi-level system knowledge education. Group Education to carry out a planned economic management, marketing, public relations, administrative regulations, financial securities and new ideas, new theories of training professionals to achieve a common market economy, changes in personnel. The enterprise, but also a training base, which is Sinopec Group's corporate culture Luohe another significant feature. Management thinking is one of the Sinopec Group Luohe based management from the norm progress to the important part of scientific management. In practice, exercise "to think, dare to create, first in the world," the entrepreneurial spirit, the training of cadres of workers triumphalism and willpower; promote "integrity, leading, excellence" concept of development; the integration of knowledge as with the spirit of victory inexhaustible vitality of commercial war; bring up a bravery and courage to go beyond self-management of high-quality cadres and promote the great cause of Luohe Sinopec Group and high-grade corporate culture and prosperity. Luohe Petrochemical Group to build spiritual civilization as one of the goals of business success. Wing internal struggle flowers, green grass, was Luohe city government awarded the "Green advanced unit" and "advanced unit of spiritual civilization." Often carry out internal cultural and recreational activities and sports diplomacy, and accumulated several hundred thousand dollars invested, social and cultural activities organized by the donor Hope Project, the concept of "self-improvement, return to the community," the spiritual pursuit. Luohe Petrochemical Group built up "information, technology, culture large integration" model of development to a new corporate culture to meet the modern era of knowledge economy!
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