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Software agents have done friends, but also look Please advice about

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jenny brown 
Asked at 2011.05.15 22:08:25
I am in Zhejiang Yiwu International Trade City opened a shop to do wholesale, franchise clothing, jewelry, here is the biggest jewelry, crafts, toys, flower distribution center, every day from customers around the country are flooded. So I met some friends all walks of life, often to communicate with them and found that almost all the problems encountered are the same, because we sell are all the variety of goods in circulation soon, the main problem arises In the "Invoicing" and financial management, and with the sentence, Song Dandan's words, "It is quite troublesome," I believe a friend had the same experience would be experience. Based on this trouble, I sought a solution - that is, find the appropriate management software, want to help me deal with these things is not difficult but tedious. There is a more important reason is that, based on my understanding of where I am, we all lack the same management tools, I think this is a great opportunity! I would want to do some management software agent, can certainly make money. The question now is choose which of several it? I checked, together with my knowledge, that make management software agent to consider the following factors: First, products and technologies, a knowledge of enterprise management software products and technology vendors the opportunity to judge product is competitive agents important way to force the product is not good, there is no market, not the make any money; Second, look at the developer's concessions to the various support measures and, in particular the training of the agent developers, the process of a layman to the expert need developer support, so as to better management, to achieve a win-win, after all, money is the first. Third, the developers of the strength and size, it is important that, in addition to the developers to look at the current scale of production, should also be understood that the present stage of development of enterprise and industry levels. IV, but also give due consideration to the market image of software developers and service, if the image of the software on the market well, the role of software agents in promoting positive large. The above is my little superficial knowledge, the above comparison and consideration, be sure to do now is basically Rising housewife software and software agents. I probably checked and, housewife in the industry have a very good reputation, market share is very large, so I should not worry about the product. The other seems to be good, very good relationship between agents and developers. Why do Rising, this should be very easy to understand, and use management software business, security issues must be taken into account, the user will not care about this little money, so I think this is a very good package of goods and Rising known it not to mention the domestic leader in antivirus software. Now I would like to know is, are there any other software agents can work together? What are some characteristics of our industry-based, but also what I want to do it all a little older. Which Friends proficient in this line, but also look younger brother pointing about, thank you!
answer jane b  Answered at 2011.05.15 22:08:25
Analysis also is pretty good landlord, you want to do big chanting, I wish you success
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