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Kai-fu Lee recalled the occasion of opening the fourth letter addressed to college students (communication art

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Frances bush 
Asked at 2011.05.15 21:13:36
Kai-fu Lee recalled the occasion of opening the fourth letter addressed to college students (communication articles)
answer Ivy Bush  Answered at 2011.05.15 21:13:36
Kai-fu Lee recalled the occasion of opening the fourth letter addressed to college students (communication papers) dealing with others: culture friendship, many college students into the school to participate in group when they were the first to leave their parents to leave their growth environment. Start into the collective life on campus, how and classmates, colleagues, friends and community college students to become part of learning content. University is the last time you can be in a relatively relaxed environment to learn, training, training in how to get along with others opportunities. In the future, people in society, in their work ability to get along with others will become increasingly important, even more than the work itself. Therefore, students should take advantage of opportunities to develop their communication and teamwork. "Interpersonal skills are not strong enough, broad enough interpersonal circle, but there is no talent to arouse our attention, in the community where other people do not know how to effectively establish contact." This is the number of students in the interpersonal aspects of frequently encountered confusion. How people in college to improve interpersonal skills, my advice is: first, to treat people with responsibility for oneself and one heart to forgive thyself people. Others want to hold sincere and tolerant mind, With their own self-criticism to have had the attitude will change. When dealing with people, how you treat others, how others will treat you. This is a good cf mirror, your own look and attitude from the others to look and attitude you have expressed in a glance. If you treat people, others will treat you with sincerity. If you are hostile to others, they will be hostile to you. The most sincere friendship and hatred are the most intractable by this "reflection" theory gradually caused. So, when you would like to correct others, you should correct his own. How you want others to you, how you should of people. Do you want others to understand you, you must first understand the others. Second, develop a real friendship. If we could do the first point, many college friends will become your lifelong friends. Together to study and seek their own path of development, so that precious friendship. Make friends, do not just go with your personality or just go along with your close friends with people. There are many good friends: optimistic friends, wisdom, friends, down to earth friends, humor, funny friends, friends inspire you motivated to improve your ability friends, to help you understand your friends, your friends, and so tell the truth . In addition, the university can teach you how to love taking care of others, increase empathy and self-control, but it should all revel in love, do not have to love and romance. Third, learn teamwork and communication skills. Is a micro-society organizations to participate in society is the best pre-honed into the community. In the community, you can develop teamwork skills and leadership, can also play your expertise. But more importantly, you have to do a sincere service providers and volunteers, or work as a student initiative of communication between students and teachers play the role of a bridge, and thus exercise their communication skills, for students and teachers services. This learning process will not be easy, frustration is definitely there, but do not be discouraged, the University community in the human communication is not "pay school fees," the study, made a mistake you can start all over again. Fourth, learn from the people around him. In the classroom, community, the more the students look around, especially those skills you feel particularly strong communication skills and the students, how they get along with others. For example, see how they deal with contacts in the conflict, how to persuade others and influence others, how to play their cooperation and coordination, how to show respect for others and in good faith, how to express approval or opposition, how the case is not offensive fully demonstrate the personality and so on. Through observation and imitation, gradually you will find that their interpersonal skills will be an unexpected improvement. In school, every friend can be your mentor, and their enthusiasm, humor, wit, erudition, integrity, communication, courtesy and other qualities can be your learning curve. Of course, you should be generous to help every friend, try to do what they mentor and model. Fifth, improve self-cultivation and personal charm. If you feel that there is no expertise, no love could become their own people to improve interpersonal skills an obstacle, then you can consciously choose and develop some hobbies. Common interests and hobbies are deep feelings for you and your friends to establish one of the ways. Many people find success in business is not only shut himself away to the nerds, most of them have their own interests and hobbies. My colleagues at Microsoft Research Asia in there painting, bridge, and a master of sport. Hobby is not only a means of interpersonal communication, it can also allow you to explore outside of their own potential in the study. For example, physical exercise can play both the potential of your campaign, you can also train your team spirit. If you do not really have hobbies, then, to read more books to enrich their knowledge and also improve their interpersonal skills, because there is no more than reflect the wisdom and the profound charm of a person's personality. So learn to get along with others, this is a university in the "compulsory." This post has been edited hcguanchao at 2007-09-27 13:51:30
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