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[Marketing] advertising strategies of clothing sales

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Jane black 
Asked at 2011.05.15 21:12:16
[Marketing] advertising strategies of clothing sales
answer Evan smith  Answered at 2011.05.15 21:12:16
[Marketing] strategy of advertising a clothing sales, advertising, the general concept of (a) the meaning of advertising, including advertising and non-commercial ads commercial advertising. In the marketing research and discussion in the ad refers to commercial advertising. The meaning of commercial advertising, there are many different elaboration. Such as resistance to Sturm (Paul.H.Nystrom) interpretation of the ad is: "The ad is for all customers, it can be satisfied no regrets." BI Xue Pa (Beshop) will be explained: "The so-called advertising, is determined by the mass media, public goods and services advertisers." Richardson (Richardson) said: "The so-called advertising, is likely to buy advertising for consumer goods to the name and we all know the price for the purpose of by the mass media, outlining the main points of goods, so that consumers remember pregnant. "In summary, we defined the modern commercial summarized as follows: Advertising is the advertisers in a planned way through some of the media of information goods and services passed to the public, and help promote the role of a non-sales staff to sell the information transfer mode. This definition includes the following four meanings: 1. Target audience is non-specific most of the consumers. 2. Advertising content is delivered primarily to public goods or services information. 3. Advertising media through various media (such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, etc.) to carry out. 4. Advertising is designed to promote product sales and achieve profit. (B) the role of advertising has been ever since the commodity economy, there is advertising, since advertising business has become an important means of competition. The role of advertising can be summed up as follows. 1. Transmission of information, communication, supply and demand through advertising allows businesses to the product or service information to consumers, the need for such goods units and individuals know where you can buy the products they need to achieve communication between production and demand The purpose of the link between. 2. To create demand, promote the consumption of some of the original does not plan to buy a product to consumers, when stimulated by advertising, recognize the characteristics of this product may change his mind, resulting in purchase behavior, and promote consumption. 3. Promote competition, market advertising helps companies establish a good market image, enhance their market share and promote competition among enterprises. (C) the characteristics of a clothing ad. As an independent entity garment enterprises is relatively small, so the total cost of clothing advertising the proportion of the advertising industry is relatively small. 2. The clothing for small quantity and variety production, fashion cycle is short, change quickly, therefore, different types of products such as suits, jeans, sweatshirts, underwear, pajamas and so on, their advertising investment is not the same. 3. Directly employing the art of fashion show is to promote the activities of effective advertising clothing sales. 4. Propaganda media is relatively inexpensive to use more relevant magazines, the printing can achieve better results, but also to ensure regular readers. With the higher cost of producing television and other screen media, the impact of larger, gives a more comprehensive, more intuitive results. Second, advertising decision-making enterprises in the application advertising as a promotional tool, there is the content of the following five areas need to make decisions. (A) to determine advertising objectives Advertising objectives are usually established by the previous communication goals, transformed from the sales target. Advertising objectives can be divided into informed, persuaded, suggesting three categories. 1. This ad which is to stimulate the primary demand for advertising purposes, mainly for the product development stage. The aim is to market a new product introduction, description of products to customers new features and new uses to inform the market price of the product changes. 2. To persuade advertisers to persuade the advertising competition in the enterprise or products play an important role in phase, the main purpose is to persuade customers to buy the company's products. Such advertisements may highlight the characteristics of the corporate brand, but also to improve product reliability by users of their own experiences to inspire customers desire to buy. 3. Tips Advertising Tips purpose of advertising is to keep the memory of the customer of the product, which applies at the maturity of the product. Highly seasonal products, such as during the low season can be more suggestive advertising to remind consumers in the recent or possible future need this product. For example, in late summer, ads can be continually out of leather. This post has been edited supered at 2007-05-15 11:58:29
Fettspielen Answered at 2022.09.22 15:39:15
To create demand, promote the consumption of some of the original does not plan to buy a product to consumers, when stimulated by advertising, recognize the characteristics of this product may change his mind, resulting in purchase behavior, and promote consumption. Read more here
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