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Entered primary school children are most afraid of being isolated

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anne lane 
Asked at 2011.05.15 21:12:05
Entered primary school children are most afraid of being isolated
answer Adolf Pike  Answered at 2011.05.15 21:12:05
Entered primary school children are most afraid of being isolated (Source: Life Times) to accompany children to play, with games to help them integrate into the collective "body a few days before the child was all right, can be a school, he began fever. "face entered primary school first grade son this phenomenon, Ms. Chang in Beijing can worry about. "Son of a fever, medication injections are not reduced temperature, can opening ceremony is over, his body just fine." Unlike high school students of "weariness", opening at the beginning, for just for a child into the school gates They feel more of the new environment, new life, new and fear. And this fear often leads them to a fever, flu and a series of symptoms. Little Man has just promoted to primary schools. Sept. 1 opening day, she happily went carrying a school bag. May be a few days off, my mother found a small article with some changes: In the past she was the crazy girl at home, and now has become very quiet, send her to school every morning, she reluctantly boss. Her mother asked her how she hum few times, and then crying mess out. It turned out that the small text kindergarten friends are promoted to the other primary schools in the new school, she did not know the children had to know the students to see the frolicking together, small paper feel isolated. In fact, each newly enrolled child will have a heavy or light, or psychological problems. Showed some autistic, some expressed as hyperactivity, such as school unable to focus, not step by step to complete homework, playing with classmates rude language, and other offensive actions. And these, parents and teachers need to be patient education and care, can be resolved: first, to stimulate children of primary school life for himself. Entered primary school children can recall their happy mood when, speaking of interesting primary school life; can also find other brother, sister, give them interesting things about elementary school, stimulate their interest in school. Second, parents should accompany children to play every day, or he was familiar with the children recruited to play with him. Because the new adaptation, for some large span of the child itself, naturally find it difficult to accept, then they need to give them a gradual adaptation of space and time, let him have a transitional process. As they age, is still small, this process needs to adapt to the game, not the language to complete. Third, teachers should carefully take care of the relatively poor ability to adapt to the children, helping them to gradually integrate into the new collective. For example, some games designed to introduce people to know each other and are familiar with; some more group activities, so that we integrate into the other. Fourth, encourage the children through painting, stories, etc. to express his problem. Sometimes, when the problem is outside into a work, they will naturally resolved. But remember, parents and teachers do not work on the evaluation of these children, they just as good a companion exercise "to accompany play" feature, children's paintings and stories will naturally and gradually as they open the psychological world, and occurs positive changes. Fifth, parents should give them some hugs, encouraging words to say more, let them feel they are not alone. If the family pet or the possessor of a plush toy, but also allows more children and their play. The warm embrace and just entering a new school can make children, and will not have the fear of abandonment. (Beijing Education Centre Park Counseling Center Counselor Liu Zhen)
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