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Clothing Apparel Software ERP software Hongda Recruitment Agents

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Adolf Pike 
Asked at 2011.05.15 20:55:27
Clothing Apparel Software ERP software Hongda Recruitment Agents
answer anne lane  Answered at 2011.05.15 20:55:27
Clothing Apparel Software ERP software Hongda Recruitment agency Hongda Garment erp is a powerful enterprise resource planning (erp) system, the management of enterprise software for distribution, planning, production, materials, inventory, and financial aspects business. Hongda series developed software package, for regional or international enterprises to provide enterprise-wide solutions. Erp for Hongda brand clothing enterprises, production enterprises and foreign trade enterprises, suitable clothing (knitting, weaving, wool), leather goods (handbags, wallets, belts), footwear and other specialized clothing and apparel items process. Hongda apparel erp system covers the complete management process of the apparel industry, including open board, the cost of quotation, the goods orders, production scheduling, materials planning, purchasing management, inventory management, shop transceiver, outward processing, cost accounting, financial such as a complete general ledger processes. Hongda Garment integrated erp is an open technology architecture, business processes and mature and change with the needs of personalized services for different sizes, different stages of development of enterprises, provides realistic solutions. Erp software in the field of introduction of Hongda workflow with a single, scheduling, scheduling, rfid product line, universal analysis report, these technologies lay the irreplaceable Hongda software industry leader, continued success of the enterprise management platform to provide a solid. * Order Management order to complete the comprehensive management and control, including system board, quotes, orders, shipping and order tracking reports. System Board: The board of the planning, opening the system board single shipment inspection model to model, pricing model and the model of a comprehensive progress tracking. Price: cost estimates of orders, foreign offer. Orders: open system of sales contracts on a variety of orders and monitor order progress. Shipping: Shipping and packing on orders management. Report: ordering and delivery for analysis of statistics, a variety of custom reports. * Production management complete management and control of the production process, including production of documentation, material requirements, fabrics tracking, shop transceiver, hair outside the processing and cost accounting. Production Order: According to the board to open a single system of comprehensive automatic production of documentation, including the section number, with color code, pattern, process, dimensions, bill of materials, packaging requirements, and other shows, the scientific production scheduling and process monitoring. Material needs: the production system bill of materials for a single aggregate demand, and control the number of in-transit inventory and making material procurement plan. Tracing cloth: the cloth inspection, testing and tracking the whole process of cloth consumption. Workshop receive: picking the workshop, registration and control of production and storage. Outward processing: Set outward processing procedure, issued by outward processing contracts issued outside the library, outsourcing storage management, according to plant delivery, picking, made the quality outside the cost of clearing the situation, monitor the processing of external fat. Cost: on completion of the production of single costing, from the material system into the cost of materials, from the work ticket system into labor costs, the introduction of hair from the hair an additional cost of external systems, it can be added to other costs, such as management expenses. * Public Management on public votes Feizi votes in computer management, including setting process, enter the CD single, work ticket printing, ticket distribution workers, work ticket entry and Report Center to facilitate the calculation of piece rate workers and the production schedule tracking. Setting process: a single set process for the production system, support from the rapid setting process, set aside process, alternate process, the merger process, the introduction of the concept of industrial engineering gsd, refer to working hours, wage price and other factors difficult to improve the simple rule of thumb the traditional practice of setting wages. Enter the CD single: Enter the cutting Marker, La ratio, the computer automatic bar, bar tables generated cut points; cutting take full account of color batch, hand-rolling number, in proportion to cutting, not to scale cutting, hand cutting, In real bar-entry and other individual needs. Ticket printing workers: workers vote printed template is free to set a variety of ways to support the needle and laser printing; choice process, select the site, select the page range to print, the print workers vote to reduce human repeat memory function to print error. Workers vote allocation: the work of a particular ticket may be assigned to a team, can work to some extent reduce the votes of workers dealing. Public entry tickets: tickets for staff to complete the work for bar code input; while providing a variety of input methods, including bar code input, manual input, without a ticket entry, signature entry, time entry and other entry way to draw accurate time piece and wages, statistical work, the system will automatically remind the vote is repeated entry, suggesting that over the number of false completely eliminate the number of fake tickets and statistical errors. Support make fly, rework, lost flying a special case. Report Center: Report Center offers a variety of custom reports, charts, including the process table wages, cutting hours bar table, producing progress reports, summary piece rate, workers daily output tables, cutting tables and other ultra-help management to easily grasp the details of production and inspection control of production schedules. * Conduct a comprehensive procurement management control of procurement, including materials planning, purchase, purchasing, receiving and storage, you can check the position from different angles, materials and materials in the manufacturing orders. Please Call: general non-production materials or other items for your purchase. Procurement: material requirements planning to import from, check the procurement of materials needed, and issue purchase orders; support from the audit of procurement requisitions, you can avoid the direct purchase requisition procedures; can and single sourcing, but also removable single purchase, operation automatically when the number of tips have been purchased. Received material: The material sent to the supplier database for temporary income, and notify the qc inspection, to be tested later to determine the quantity and quality before making a storage processing; supports material batch management, the system can generate income to feed materials notification, via SMS or remind center prompted the relevant authorities. Storage: the registration of temporary storage of materials collection. Purchase orders can be retrieved when purchasing storage or collection of materials, the introduction of the appropriate materials from which the name and number, and then make further changes, recorded immediately after entry into force of change in inventory, resulting in accounts payable. Report: Remind the production of the procurement section number is not coming, procurement has been issued to the delivery of the order without storage time limit of payment orders had been to but not paid to the operator, making the business operations foolproof. Warehouse management full control of the warehouse, including the beginning of data, storage, a library, transfer Stubbs, inventory, statement. Storage: storage of procurement, production and warehousing, outsourcing storage, general storage management; in the material storage, you can enter the lot number and color of materials by the system automatically prompts the materials to notify the relevant departments . The library: on the shop picking, selling a library, outside the issuing bank, generally a database management; receive material department in accordance with plans and materials to the materials listed in the batch number and amount of notice to introduce the material to receive material, reducing manual input requisition tedious and mistakes. Transfer Altitude: between the order, warehouse transfer between the drawing management; inventory: comprehensive, fast inventory system; system supports a specific warehouse, the inventory of a particular commodity, print a blank inventory list, according to the actual plate number recorded by the post number of the firm to modify the number of the book. Monthly: on the warehouse monthly, monthly Invoicing all the statistical data of this month and next month at the beginning and as the basis for year end. Report: support for multiple warehouse management, support inventory search, the maximum, minimum inventory alarming. * Ship Management to manage the company's import and export goods, including contract filing, customs clearance, commodity inspection, packing list and various shipping documents management. Product Code: implementation of the customs commodity codes contact all materials and finished products, automatically aggregated the total number of imported materials and exports. Record contract: the establishment of imported materials and export finished mapping, automatic verification, to facilitate manual processing of contracts, change endorsement. Shipping documents: shipping orders, packing lists, shipping notice, out of the bus on paper, import licenses, inspection certificate, certificate of chromatography printing and statistics. Packing Management: According to the requirements of the sales contract packing and packing ratio, automatically generate a single shipment packing list, the corresponding box number, the ratio of net weight gross weight and other information, after examination by artificial modification to print packing documents. * Attendance Management staff attendance for ic card electronic processing, personnel, time and attendance, payroll integration solutions, enabling management of personnel files, fast scheduling operations, multi-frequency setting, intelligent tone class treatment; able to customize wage formula, the final an accurate analysis of attendance and payroll reports, combined with public votes Management piecework wage settlement can be carried out smoothly. Data Collection: The attendance data collection network to a computer store personnel files: a comprehensive personnel files, including personal information, job information, description and other information security, staff recruitment management, transaction records scheduling processing: intelligent scheduling calendar style , time and attendance scheduling easy and intuitive, can be carried out on the team rostering, scheduling can be for individuals. Transfer courses dealing with: the flexibility to set the tone class rules, when the staff has adjusted class situation, time and attendance system can automatically identify the actual situation. Leave to work overtime: absence form of the entry, inquiry and statistics, can import a department or a staff to work overtime, overtime treatment can be identified with the actual credit card data. Attendance deal: According to credit card records and the results of scheduling time and attendance statistics, generate daily report signed card processing: on the go, and missed the card signed by the department head staff card, check card, state the reasons for attendance statistics: monthly report generation time and attendance, as wage statements based on attendance: attendance running account, attendance exception reports, attendance daily report, monthly attendance report, overtime report, leave report wage setting: Set project of the company's wages, conditions and calculation formula for calculating wages: the file system based on salary, attendance statements and formulas to calculate wages and salaries, and votes from the workers into piece rate system data can be input or import from excel staff salary, utilities, deductions, subsidies and other variable data, accurate calculation of wages. Wage Statements: pay slips, payroll sheets, banks extended form, the piece on the number of time tables, payroll summary sheets, summary and other departments. Restaurant Management: Support account meals, playing and real-time reporting meal meal ticket meal and other means of total food and beverage management; through real-time catering system, employees can be reported in advance meals, canteen meals according to the number reported for catering; the staff dinner, If you do not report meals, catering the opportunity to send the police, canteen staff can not be made meals; meals can also be reported to the staff for the definition of whether a different standard deductions. * The amounts due from payments for suppliers and customers should conduct a comprehensive receivables management, out outward processing process, involving the management of current accounts, this system can be effectively addressed. Business Association: Business and amounts due from auto association, business data, such as purchasing, shipping, the board, outward processing documents, can automatically generate accounts payable data. Between the write-off: handle various transactions models, including advance payments, cash, installment, demand models and other mutual write-off write-off mode; credit control: some installments of the customer, you can pre-set customer credit limits , payment amount, etc., in business orders, the system will automatically prompt the single credit amount, arrears and the balance amount of conditions and the single, effective credit control. Li accounts operation: a single storage system can account for the goods to the stand can also be associated with storage under a single purchase invoice, so vote to establish account; payment verification: In the payment interface, selecting suppliers, the system prompts the suppliers and the unsettled document, enter the settlement amount, or automatic verification can be carried out by a single write-off. Adjustments to meet: For some reason there is a change should be paid, the need for accounts payable adjustment, the adjustment should specify the reasons for and the corresponding adjustment of financial subjects. Report Center: offers a variety of amounts due to management reports, including accounts payable balances, aging of the table, payment verification tables, etc.; should pay the balance sheet can concentrate on the amount of response to various suppliers at the beginning of this month the purchase, This month payment, closing balance, handling people and other comprehensive information, so that movements of capital is very clear at a glance. All business financial general ledger data, including distribution, accounts payable, fixed assets and other data, and ultimately can be carried forward to the financial ledger module. Hongda apparel erp system to provide standard financial ledger, including accounts, certificate processing, financial books, financial statements, fixed assets and other functions, statistical standards to the financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statement and so on. Support rfo custom, increase the variety of free reports, set the formula from the summary of accounting documents or subjects to extract the data required to meet corporate financial analysis. Our company developed according to your requirements of any enterprise management software. Please call 020-89837923 to find Mr.Wang advice. qq; 907076526
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