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Compared with traditional laser cutting cutting edge

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Tommy Fan 
Asked at 2011.05.15 20:52:34
Compared with traditional laser cutting cutting edge
answer bozi zhang  Answered at 2011.05.15 20:52:34
In the computer embroidery and cloth toys, etc., use the knife mold to cut a variety of base materials. Daomo high production costs, production time longer. Such as the need to adjust the size of the original knife mold base is unavailable. In particular the effect of fabric cutting knife mold is not ideal, vulnerable to blunt the cutting edge caused by deformation and silk fabric off, the operation of the following process to bring a lot of inconvenience. Encountered a small volume orders, the die cutter impact on production costs will be more apparent. Laser cutting technology, the problem can be overcome. Especially for those with higher levels of polyester or polyamide fabric, the advantages of laser cutting will be more apparent. Because the laser cut edge of fabric to make such a slight melting, so that no loose edges to form a weld edge, the edge can be cut without any treatment (no pruning is not only the mouth and hem.) Laser cutter laser cutting technology to replace metal blade, which together with scientific and rational design, up to 40 m / min or more of the cutting speed and smooth operation, precise incision clean and powerful to solve the computer embroidery, garment and other industries in the proofing use of mechanical cutting of the production process is facing many difficult problems left behind. In addition, using ordinary tools like materials for ornamental engraving on the skin, or in the leather surface, carving out a variety of decorative text or images, the processing is very difficult, using laser cutting technology in the leather materials "carving" out the naked eye difficult to detect the many micro- holes, which can greatly improve the permeability and durability, product quality improved.
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