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Carbazole Qite clothing, apparel e-commerce rising star

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Tommy Fan 
Asked at 2011.05.15 20:50:59
Carbazole Qite clothing, apparel e-commerce rising star
answer Adolf Pike  Answered at 2011.05.15 20:50:59
Carbazole Qite clothing, apparel e-commerce rising star Tony Chamberlain, three lines, carbazole Qite "click Qite dress" joint many clothing manufacturers, clothing brands together to create a large garment wholesale and distribution platform, we are committed to advanced Internet platform, fully integrated clothing Guangdong Humen rich resources, reduce circulation, clothing retailers across the country to provide affordable wholesale clothing and apparel supply chain brand. "Click Qite dress" set up large-scale clothing factory, clothing exhibition and logistics and distribution center, and many clothing manufacturers, clothing factory direct cooperation, can provide the trend of the whole category of fine ladies, foreign brand apparel, brand children's clothing, foreign trade wholesale shoes and other seasonal clothing, and adequate supply, new products constantly, is the boutique clothing stores and clothing distributors purchase the best choice. So far, we have worked with Shenzhen, Guangzhou and nearly a hundred strong competitive advantage in Humen clothing manufacturers and clothing brands to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations, in addition to its own brand and the number of dealers and customers across the country network. We are fully committed to the best products, lowest price, best service, to build domestic online and offline purchase the preferred brand of clothing. To make the dream of many business friends in China to provide a convenient supply of services; now started for the nationwide implementation of the physical agent; Shop franchise; Shop consignment services; allow you to realize zero inventory management; reduce your stock of concern "carbazole Qite dress "hope and strive to become the best in your clothing business partners! Please feel free to visit the site you visit our stall to see goods pick, and to discuss cooperation! Stalls Address: China. Humen International Fashion wholesale new big city G521 Ying Service Hotline :0769 -81156767 Fax :0769 -81,156,767 hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 to 19:00 Customer Service QQ: 1273263442 MSN: shiehyao @ sina. com E-mail: [email protected] Zip: 512000 Contact: 13746945647 Miss Wu Website: Address: China. Humen, Dongguan City, Big 5, Ying International Fashion
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