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Apparel CAD software and common methods of combining the three plate

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Adah George 
Asked at 2011.05.15 20:49:36
Apparel CAD software and common combination of three kinds of plate-making method
answer lisa green  Answered at 2011.05.15 20:49:36
China's garment industry currently uses the system board method can be roughly divided into addition and subtraction, the ratio distribution, three-dimensional, prototype, chest level, short-inch, base model, D type, try, computers and a dozen other methods. In fact, each plate method in clothing CAD software can be well implemented. The first addition and subtraction: addition and subtraction before the 50s in the twentieth century, most people are using it, addition and subtraction method is subject to the influence of Chinese tailoring formed. Subtraction is the center of a variety of clothing in all parts of shapes are a fixed size, then add an inch or minus one inch bust, the various parts together, by a value. This method is currently processing shops in and gets a lot of people are using it. This method is taught mostly out of the master on behalf of the apprentice, simple, fast and easy to learn. The proportion of its future distribution method plays a great impact. This mapping method is the prototype of the legal system in the cad in the plan or direct digital mapping. The second proportional distribution method: proportional distribution method is the system board and cut of clothing, the use of most methods, it is early in the twentieth century, the formation of 50 and 50 years before people are wearing Chinese clothes, suits and uniform system board and cutting are mostly used to add and subtract, 50 years after the people took off the robe, put on uniforms Duangua mostly to promote and popularize the art of cutting, and published materials, the older generation of clothing and technical personnel they get together to study tailoring the ratio between various parts of the time, when the National People's Congress attended the master are men, some of the Japanese master at the chest using a degree of law, we are very applicable, but it is the body's actual chest as the base of this and use addition and subtraction of clothing, mainly clothing habit of not bust as the base is consistent, we refer to the last degree of Japan's chest method, and to add and subtract the actual chest of clothing created for the base of our country tailoring approach, as we all call it "tailoring Law", 1982 article 4 author of "Modern Fashion" magazine's "five kinds of method to trim" the call "proportional distribution method" is called is called mass flow will be open to the future. Tailoring published over fifty years, board books, publications and teaching using this method the majority began to differentiate in the chest when the degree method, using semi-Bust 1 / 3 call it the rule of thirds Later, more people out of the book, different from others for their own, and appeared in six method, eight law, Percentages and very law, and so, no matter what methods are required to be added back a value, so there are known It make up the law. As a very good calculation method, such as the 100cm, 1 / 10 is 10cm, 2 / 10 is 20cm, so using the very method many people come up. That is, the size of the table cad drawing software, with the formula and size table, drawing the benefits of these methods is that all shapes are generated automatically by a computer, eliminating the need to push version of the steps. The third three-dimensional method: Most call it the three-dimensional draping method, it is Europe and America, the majority of women who cut one of the methods used, most people think the art of reform and opening up, Japan, China to lecture the incoming teachers . It is not. In the twentieth century, thirty or forty years in Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing and Harbin, many women are using it the master, when Shanghai to the art of fishing patterns as in the hanger, if there was a master CD with something three-dimensional method clothes, if asked how he laid off, said Shanghai is on the shelf to remove the. Harbin is cut out on the shelf, Beijing and Tianjin are said to be stretched out on the shelf, when the garments are processing, and materials are also expensive, and sometimes rub the soft brown paper first, Try and stretch once, in order to avoid mistakes. Must have cut the racks, then Shanghai is the bamboo racks tied into a human body, outside of paste paper, the North used the shelf and now is almost, but not inside the glass, but with layers of paper in the paste on the model, the outside Most paste a paper flower. Since the 50s, the women wear silk drape-style dress is very small, only the special needs clothing for the wife of tailoring number of foreign embassies, but few in number, so this skill gradually lost. Beijing during the early '80s, professional titles was shown off some of the art teacher, was very popular with the people enjoy. They said at the time three-dimensional tailoring is not difficult to be mastered well Thibodaux, hanging waves, carrying the ring, drawing flowers, the four basic skills, what style can be laid off. Please tell the first teacher of draping the original class is the early 80s, Department of Central Academy of Art clothing invited a female teacher in Japan, which after the fashion colleges across the country increasingly are also invited foreign speakers for the course, mostly Japanese teachers, a few European and American teachers. Coupled with returning students, after 20 years, please come in, get out, and then develop, present this art, has been very popular in China's garment industry, the clothing institutions have also established this program. The fourth thoracic level and short-Dimensions: chest level and short-inch law is Japanese tailor, tailoring men suits commonly used method, which is the Japanese who worked at After the Meiji Restoration by the European study and come back, so they made it known as "Yang Cai" and the kimono known as the nation "and cut" (and China's Western-style dress patterns, with the intrusion of foreign powers, foreign businessmen in China shop, set up factories in the passed, regardless of why we, the Western-style clothing are called " Live CD "50 years after the publication of books only call it the" tailoring "and" clothing system board "). 100 years ago in Europe, with long and short Dimensions Dimensions of the points, the use of legal-inch long board is too complicated, so gradually be eliminated. Act, also known as short-inch solid-inch Dimensions law or shoulder it is part of the body than the chest measurement from multiple sites, and then follow these dimensions to the system board. Chest degree method is based on the human body as a base to allocate the actual bust size of each part, (it was compiled using the chest plating a book, called shapes cut method), the degree and short-inch chest by a twenty-two methods century, beginning with Japan 30 years to a tailor shop in China, factories, and the dissemination of books, etc., but slow, some people in our country, still use it, but the scope is not wide. Fifth prototype: prototype and women in Japan tailor tailored tailoring women when most of the methods used, they are fetched by the European, but a great development, but also a lot of schools, one is when the amount of body human body cut with a soft cloth stretched a prototype to the prototype to tailor all kinds of clothing, and the other is short-inch chest or law degree method tailoring a prototype to this prototype system to cut all kinds of clothing, after who was known as the academic, academic-and Dengli American culture and so on, using a chest-style culture, degree of law, and the United States using a real Dengli Dimensions. As Japan's Bunka Fashion College, more teachers to lecture in China, he also published more than our textbooks, so most of the culture type used. Prototype by the twentieth century, 30 years immediately by the Japanese tailor our communication in the Northeast, 80 years later we came to China every year to hire teachers to lecture in Japan, but spread fast enough, the main body of Japan's prototype is based on the actual bust as the base to proportional allocation of ministries, because the traditional techniques used in different industries, so spread more slowly. Recent years, with hospital, school graduates, who work the system board to participate in the increased use of the prototype system gradually plate method were more than up. Most of this method is to first make the initial stage through the clothes in the film who, through digitizer saved to software, and then modify it, and other style changes.
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