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Cutting and cutting the individual garment industry model

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Adolf Pike 
Asked at 2011.05.15 20:40:45
Cutting and cutting the individual garment industry model
answer Frances bush  Answered at 2011.05.15 20:40:45
(A) cut individual clothing: clothing in general a single volume, single-cut solution to the problem of individual custom-cut clothing. Operation in various parts of the song to set the amount, and then the specific product specifications for the size of the garment processing. The nature of the cut of clothing fit more considerations, measurement of the human body is greater. In principle, measuring the body parts of more cutting these parts of the higher level of garment fit. Used in the past short-inch of Civil Law Act is to cut in line with the guiding ideology to engage in the operation. However, it is impossible to obtain by measuring the size of all parts of the body, apart from a few key plays a major role in the control site (ie, the master site) needs to get its actual size by measuring the data, other parts can be calculated by mathematical model. The master site is the main measure introduced earlier parts of the body. Select the number of master parts of the human body depends on the degree to which the special. The human body is very common, only 3 of the 4 parts can be cut to graphics, and even with a control area size (such as the bust or height) can also be easily cut mapping. Because in life there are certain human body than the standard deviation, so rarely used three of the following parts for cutting the master drawing, generally with 5 ~ 7 or more master sites. It can be said to maximize their individual cut between the individual body differences. (B) of the apparel industry cutting model: cut garment industry is based on measurement of body mass and to summarize the data obtained on the basis of a series of cutting methods. The type of crop to keep the groups to maximize the commonality and differences in body unity of opposites. Mass industrial production of clothing often from an economic point of view, manufacturers naturally want the specifications covering the most with the least human. However, the size is too small means that the denied group differences, and thus to set a greater number of specifications, made from standard tables. It is worth noting: among the most standard size tables are summed over, is designed for groups and can not be ideally suited for a single individual, only to some extent consistent with the individual. In the garment production process, each garment specifications rely on a standard model as a basis for cutting. The standard model is, into a series of industrial cutting model. (C) inclusive industrial clothing: Speaking of tolerance, we must first re-understanding of "fit" concept. "Fit" concept with considerable uncertainty. Can be said that although people say this word a thousand years, but now it seems only and "decent," "comfortable," "decency", "good looks" pretty words. In fact, most industrial production is only fitting clothing of their "basic fit" means that the so-called basic and large, almost, is not strict. Hard to imagine a confining clothing in the body will bring beauty, that is, almost all non-knitted clothing and there are gaps between the human body, such clothing will be comfortable, and convenient for people's movement. Comfortable to wear because the human body to create space for a small external environment, and create a micro-climate, easy movement of non-knitted fabric that scalability can be limited only by the generous amount sufficient to meet the body's surface deformation caused by the movement. From the above sense, one-sided emphasis on fit is clearly inappropriate. Clothing manufacturers make fit the concept of commercial activities is to increase the bewildering color. Many sales people are telling their own clothing business how to how to fit, the only people under the most trying on his clothes are "more fit." In fact, he intentionally or unintentionally stole the concept for the fit: the time of the consumer information about the "fit" is a seemingly strict concept, but when people try to see the "fit" is the concept of non-deterministic. This style uses the concept of the habit of perpetrating a fraud not only easy for consumers to fall into confusion, but also easily lead to apparel manufacturers in the technology itself is making progress, the status quo. Just think, if it is really most people are trying on his clothes fit tightly, the premise that only one possible - and his clothing has numerous specifications. Because the human body is the distinction between fat, thin, tall, short. Clothing enterprises can in fact any type of clothing on the development of numerous specifications. All clothing enterprises in the development of the starting point on the garment size is almost no difference, are "specifications with as little as possible, covering as many of the human body." Limited clothing specifications, is expected to cover the body more fit the standards required for the lower. Often the case that the two very different shape were tried on the same girl has a dress, share owners will be strongly counter to render said: "It fit, and just like to give you tailored the same! "is the owner of the business he engaged in fraudulent nature makes it? No, but the clothing itself does not have a past, attention to the properties to be - inclusive. What is it inclusive? Is a piece of clothing to suit the range of human body size (including height, fat, thin.) In other words: a dress size to fit many different people to wear. Inclusive clothing apparel categories due to the different specific. For example, a cold is generally more inclusive coat large, can be a variety of body segments and the corresponding fat, thin, tall man wearing even a certain height, span; and the inclusiveness of a curve on the cheongsam is relatively small, only can be height, measurements, body very close to the women wear. This is the cold coat allowed only very few specifications, and each specification can be mass-produced dress to set the curve in many specifications, each specification has only a small or single production reasons. Inclusive of clothing to relax mainly by the amount of clothes the size of the decision can be approximately the amount that is proportional to the size and relaxation. Visible, has been talked about in front of the "fit" concept, in fact, refers to the inclusion. Many people have this experience: she was more thin two years ago, when people talk about around their fit to wear the suit, and two years later he has obviously fat, around the same people still call him a suit fit. More people are buying or custom clothing, wear a that many years, although their shape constantly changes, has not been feeling fit. This shows that the same garment is also reflected in the inclusion body in time. Established the concept of inclusive clothing, it means that clothes can not fit demanding pursuit. Is not this way, people can freely set the clothing size of it? No. The other thing is that we have to strictly pursued, and that is shaping that person's body shape, which is the type of clothing the body of the pursuit. Intended type of clothing the body through the appreciation of the human body produces on the idealized beauty of imagination. This is in fact more or less make up most of the defects in the human body.
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